Beach and Pool Access Day Pass in Westin Dubai Mina

Day Pass: Beach and Pool Access at Westin Dubai Mina

The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina is considered one of the best hotels and resorts in Dubai. If you know the standard of hotels in Dubai, this means top-notch and very high-end. Read about my experiences “Beach and Pool Access at Westin Dubai Mina”

Westin Mina Dubai Lobby
Westin Mina Dubai Lobby

The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina is located in Dubai Marina, just before Palm Jumeirah. It is one of the most popular areas for tourists and actually also one of my most favorite parts.

Day Pass at Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi

If you don’t stay in luxury hotel property for whatever reason, but would still want to indulge in something luxurious, I recommend the day pass which gives you access to the pool and private beach at Westin Mina. The rate of the day pass varies, as there are different packages and offers. So before you book, ensure that you have the details of the offer.


The day pass will allow you to use one of the longest private beaches of Dubai, which is actually 500 meters long. I was also impressed by the pool. I have never seen a longer pool than the one at Westin Mina and that accounts for something big in Dubai, where everything is grand! The city boasts of the world’s tallest buildings and Dubai is also known for being a city of superlatives. This is also apparent at Westin Mina.

I’m not a good swimmer, so I wasn’t able to swim to swim the whole 500 meters in the pool. However, I still tried to check out at least a part of it by splashing around.

Westin Mina is very family-friendly (pool) and during my visit, I saw heaps of families at different age points with very young children, as well as teenagers. However, the end of the pool has also an adults-only section, so no kids are allowed in this section. I actually preferred this arrangement, though I love kids since the environment is a lot calmer. I was also able to work on my laptop near the said area given the hotel’s free wifi.

After lunch, I walked along the beach and relaxed in one of the hotel’s huge and inviting beach loungers. There are also water sports activities that you can enjoy at Westin Mina. Although my inner child enjoys water sports activities, I wasn’t able to experience any of it during my visit. Actually, I’m not the type of person who spends the whole day at the pool or beach, so I planned some activities for the afternoon.

When it was time for me to leave after around five to six hours at the hotel, I felt really sad. I found Westin Mina a beautiful resort. It is really stunning and really impressive. I wish I had planned more time for it, especially with the hotel’s exceptional pool.

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Lunch at Restaurant Bussola Dubai

I also tried out Bussola, an Italian restaurant next to the pool, where you have seating options to stay inside or outside the restaurant. I, of course, opted for a seat outside and enjoyed lunch at the upper deck of Bussola. Dining outside gave me the chance to still enjoy that beach feeling because the beach wasn’t too far. It is a great location and also the inside seating looked beautiful.

For my lunch, I ordered a vegetarian soup and some side dishes. It tasted awesome and my only regret was, that I ate too much so I didn’t have enough space for dessert. I totally love desserts and I enjoy eating cakes, chocolates, and everything. But because I ate too much, I was only able to order two scoops of ice cream 🙂


If you don’t stay at Westin Dubai Mina for whatever reason, the day pass is a perfect way to enjoy luxury without having to pay for a full night’s accommodation. It is one of the tips, I would give anybody who is on a budget in Dubai but wants to experience some luxury as well (more tips on how to save money in Dubai here).

I suggest, before you book anything, to check out the prices and have a look at what offers are available. The offers normally include towels and other amenities, as well as access to pool bars. There are also some offers which include lunch at one of the restaurants. This will make your stay more enjoyable and you’ll have everything that you need.

Day Pass: Beach and Pool Access at Westin Dubai Mina and Lunch at Bussola 

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