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Pinterest is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website – it can help you to grow your website, find new readers, and make more money!

If you use Pinterest correctly, you can generate hundreds of thousands of page views each year – unlike Instagram and Facebook it is more a search engine than a social media platform.

Yes, a lot of followers are great but they don’t bring traffic automatically – by using the right strategy you can grow your audience and traffic.

How I Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to my Site 

In 2018, I have received about 510,000 page views from Pinterest alone – so far! I am not talking about views on Pinterest – I am talking about people who actually click on my pins and read my posts. More than half a million page views from Pinterest in 2018 alone.

I started Pinterest in 2016 but had no real idea how to use it the best way. I had heard about Facebook Pinterest threads and so I did them.

I did not really understand it and had no real strategy. It was just too overwhelming – I did not enjoy creating pins, I did not know how and when to pin and what to pin. However, I still spent at least 5-7 hours a week on Pinterest.

I thought I was doing pretty great with 20,000 page views in 2016 – considering how little I understood. So, 2016 I spent quite a lot of time and received not much in return.

In 2017 I started implementing my strategy and had more than 260,000 page views. I still spend a few hours each week on Pinterest but had reduced the hours already.

I doubled that numbers in 2018 while spending less time on Pinterest (in average about 1,5 hours a week).

In February 2019 I had about 63,000 page views from Pinterest alone (thanks to Pinterest, I was able to apply for Mediavine which means a good passive income).

How much time I do spend on Pinterest each month? Well, that changes – when I road tripped Europe this summer for two months, I spend less than 2 hours – a month!

On average, I spend about 3-10 hours a month. This includes pin design – I admit, I create a lot of pins just because I enjoy that so much – and Facebook threads.

I try to be active on Pinterest at least 4-5 times a week – even when I travel.

If I travel, I often just spend 1 minute a day on the Pinterest app. This is why I love Pinterest – it drives traffic to my site even if I am not hyperactive on Pinterest. While it is important to be active on Pinterest regularly, it doesn’t mean I have to spend endless hours each month.

How Pinterest Can Drive Traffic to Your Blog

And the same goes for you: You will need to spend some time on Pinterest but with a good strategy (which includes great pins, the “right” topics, the right pinning strategy, and the amount of pinning) you can reduce your time on Pinterest.

And if you travel for a few weeks you don’t have to worry to lose your traffic – Pinterest loves aged pins. So, the older the pin gets, the more traffic it brings (

in average). So, this also means that you might see an immediate result after implementing the strategy but it will take up to 6 months to see a real change. Pinterest, like SEO, will not be an overnight game changer. But it can be a game changer for your blog.

So, while I cannot guarantee your traffic will explode like mine, I am positive, with the tips you will receive your traffic will change dramatically.

I am happy to offer two different services to you:

Pin Design Consultation

Pin Design

Pinterest Consultation

Pinterest Management 


Pinterest Pin Design


1) Pin Design and Pin Consultation Services

Pin consultation for Pinterest traffic and Pinterest Management by Arzo Travels

2) Pin Design

Pin design by Arzo Travels.

Pinterest Consultation – 1 on 1 Consultation

Pinterest Consultation 1 on 1 - an individual guide for your Pinterest success by Arzo Travels.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest Management for bloggers by Arzo Travels.

Here is the feedback of two bloggers I have worked with:

“I hired Arzo to create a couple of pins for my blog. She did a fantastic job.First of all, she knows what works and what doesn’t on Pinterest, her design skills were excellent, she understood immediately what I wanted.We had great communication and she delivered the pins much earlier than I expected. I am very happy with her work and I highly recommend her.”

Travel blogger


from Travel Passionate 

“Pinterest nutze ich schon seit einigen Jahren, damit konnte ich den Traffic meines Blogs stark steigern. Arzo habe ich beauftragt, weil ich Feedback aus Ihrer Sicht haben wollte. Denn ihre Pins fallen mir auf Pinterest immer ins Auge.Sie hat mich zu meinem Account und meinen Pins beraten und mich damit noch mal ein Stück weiter nach vorne gebracht. Ihr Feedback war detailliert, nachvollziehbar und sie hat einzelne Schritte für die Umsetzung definiert – insgesamt konnte ich alles leicht umsetzen und bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis.Herzlichen Dank dafür!”

German travel blogger Anja Beckmann from Travel on Toast 


Check out my Pinterest account to see more pin designs.

Payment for Pinterest pin design and Pinterest pin consulting

Payment via PayPal or for German bloggers via bank transfer.

An invoice will be sent, upfront payment only.

There is no minimum contract period, but for Pinterest Management services I recommend working at least for 6 months together to see sustainable and significant growth.

Email me: and let me know what you are looking for!

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