Where to Work Whilst Travelling in The UK

Travel the world sounds amazing, and though it is not easy it is manageable. If you are travelling, you may find that you occasionally need to work in order to top-up your bank balance. If you don’t want another boring admin job, why not find something a little out of the usual – find out about different working options when traveling in the UK.

You’ll be able to make new friends, amazing memories, and you may even discover some skills you didn’t know you had.

Look After Puffins


Puffins in Ireland @shutterstock

If you love animals and are looking for an outdoor activity then you can look after puffins or baby seals in a RSPB reserve. You could get a job as a ranger on the Farne Islands where you’ll be the only ranger for most of the year with almost 40,000 puffins to keep you company. As a ranger, your job will be to monitor the wildlife and seals on the island. This is the perfect way to escape the regular 9-5. Working in a beautiful scenic location means that your friends and family will constantly be visiting you. They could stay in a nearby holiday home and you can spend your spare time exploring the area together.

Work in a Private Household

The UK Domestic Worker Visa allows private household employers to bring in people from around the world to work in the UK for up to 6 months. Jobs include chauffeurs, cooks, cleaners, nannies, and gardeners. There are several agencies that provide facilitation of this process and all information is also available online. If you are already a UK resident then it will be a brilliant opportunity for you to discover new parts of the country and see what it’s like living somewhere else.

Work as a Tour Guide


Tour Guide in the UK @shutterstock

If you have a knack for storytelling then the job of a tour guide could be a great fit for you. Choose an area that you love so that you can talk genuinely and passionately about it. You can choose to be a walking, trekking, cycling or even a bus tour guide. The highlights of the job include spending time outdoors, meeting new people, and sharing your knowledge of the place. You can also create an online presence for yourself and start your own tour company to take private clients on unusual out of the ordinary tours away from the common areas that everyone go to.

Work in a Travelling Circus

Being a part of a travelling circus means that you will get to travel around with the circus, and they will provide your accommodation. There are a whole variety of roles available, and you could work selling tickets in the box office, on the popcorn stand or if you have acrobatics or dance experience then you could even become a performer. You will get to experience living in different places every week, constantly adapting to changing situations, and being part of something that entertains hundreds of people every week.