Vegetarian Food at Restaurant Kornhauskeller Bern

Vegetarian Food at Restaurant Kornhauskeller Bern

The Kornhauskeller restaurant in Bern is a former core memory and now one of the finest dining restaurants in Bern, serving Italian and Swiss food. Especially Swiss cuisine is not necessarily the most vegetarian, let alone vegan friendly cuisine, but nowadays even the Swiss cuisine offers some vegetarian friendly dishes.

The interior and atmosphere are quite impressive and dining there is indeed different to most other restaurants.

It is located very conveniently in the city center, close to the bus stop.

Just looking at it from the outside, I would never have expected to find a restaurant with such an old history, atmosphere and interior. So walking down some stairs  leads to a little “wow” feeling.

I do not drink wine or any alcohol at all, so I could not appreciate the huge and probably good wine selection.

A very attentive and nice waiter served us during the dinner. I had the pre-ordered vegetarian menu, which started with the “Salad of the Day” which was simple salad with croutons (sometimes the simple things in life are the best).

The main dish was a “risotto with rocket salad and mascarpone,” which was very filling and so I could not eat it all – though it was delicious.

SORRY GUYS, I accidentally deleted some pics and have to upload them again soon.

The highlight of the menu was definitely the dessert of the day – a chocolate mousse in marble look. I am totally into desserts and appreciate good ones, this was so soft and light that I enjoyed every bite and just wished it could have been bigger.

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Disclaimer: I was invited by the Bern Tourism Board to this dinner, but as always, all pictures and opinions are my own.

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