Vegetarian Dining at The Grill – Dorchester London

I have become a huge fan of Dorchester hotels, especially after my stay at Dorchester Principe di Savoia in Milan (review here). When The Dorchester London invited me to try out one of the restaurants, I decided to take Marie from the Luxury Travel Blogger with me and I chose to try out the The Grill.

Dorchester, a top notch hotel in London, is located on luxurious Park Lane and was not far from the hotel I stayed at.

The Grill at Dorchester London

When I am invited to dinner from restaurants/hotels etc. I always check out the menu to make sure I will find something vegetarian that is appealing to me. Some places do not make it easy for vegetarians (leave alone vegans), so this is important to me.

There were a few vegetarian options, though they were limited but I decided to accept the invitation since it sounded promising.

The restaurant The Grill is located on the ground floor so that you pass the beautiful lobby. The restaurant itself is not huge, but nice and cozy with a gorgeous interior. The light was dimmed and I am still in the process of taking great food pictures so please have endurance :).

The Grill at The Dorchester London

The Grill at The Dorchester London

Menu at The Grill

I do not really drink alcohol and would always choose fresh squeezed juice over everything else but this night I went with an anti-alcoholic cocktail and a lot of water. Marie enjoyed the wine pairing and was more than happy with the choices by Salvatore, the Sommelier.


I had grilled vegetable salad and confit red onion, balsamic dressing. I had never had red onion jam before – it was just delicious and I would definitely order this again. Actually, it was just extremely tasty, and I would have loved to buy some to take with me. The vegetables were yellow and green zucchini and it was a little highlight.

Grilled vegetable salad and confit red onion, balsamic dressing

Grilled Vegetable Salad and Confit Red Onion, Balsamic Dressing

Main Dish

The menu is very meat based, but I normally love to order several side dishes so I was totally fine to have several side dishes. I never have problems making decisions – unless it comes to food where I would love to have everything so side dishes are a great option.

At the end, I chose potato purée, hand cut French fries and seasonal vegetables.

The lovely waitress promised me to fall in love with the potato purée – and she was right. I love mashed potatoes in general and though I do not use any butter, milk, or cream when I  prepare it myself (so I choose the healthier vegan option at home) this purée was a dream – creamy and 100% tasty though not very picturesque.


The most difficult part is when I have to choose the dessert. I feel ashamed if I order more than 1 dessert and so I normally stick to one though I would love to try out way more. I had a tough time deciding whether to order a souffle or “Essentially chocolate from Alain Ducasse Manufacture, in Paris” (and of course I wanted to have some ice cream as well) and ended up with the second dessert. I think chocolate is never a bad idea and so it was so great. Marie actually told me that this dessert is kind of a signature dessert of The Grill and I think, it is a great choice.

Essentially chocolate from Alain Ducasse Manufacture, in Paris

Essentially chocolate from Alain Ducasse Manufacture, in Paris

Well, actually it was not the ending since we got some Greek yogurt with berries which came with the espresso.

Greek yogurt with berries

Greek Yogurt With Berries

Is Dorchester The Grill Suitable for Vegetarians?

I think The Grill is okay for vegetarians, though the menu is not very vegetarian-friendly, it has enough options to choose from.

I really enjoyed the beautiful interior of the restaurant, the gorgeous atmosphere, the lovely and perfect staff and my companion – and of course, the very good and delicious food and the Grill would definitely be a place I would love to come back and spend a wonderful evening.

Disclaimer: I was invited by The Dorchester to the dinner but, as always, the opinions are my own.

A vegetarian dinner at Dorchester London "The Grill"

A vegetarian dinner at Dorchester London “The Grill”

Review: Vegetarian Dining at The Grill – Dorchester  London

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Review: Vegetarian Dining at The Grill – Dorchester  London