Review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London

Hotel review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London, a 5* luxury property.

Hotel review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London, a 5* luxury property.

On my recent trip to London, probably my or trip, I noticed the huge amount of hotels in London for the first time. It seems that there are small hotels everywhere, especially in the popular areas like Chelsea, Nottinghill or Kensington.

So, how can a hotel stand out among all the others? Well, I think, I have found the answer. Draycott Boutique Hotel in Chelsea is one of the “oldest and finest hotels” – and that are not the only special features. Just shortly after my stay, the hotel was awarded ‘England’s Leading Boutique Hotel’ by the World Travel Awards.


Draycott Hotel is located in Chelsea close to the Sloane Square Station and Kings Road, a popular and busy shopping street with many stores. The Buckingham Palace is in about 1,5 km distance, some other main tourist attractions are not too far away, either. However, there is an underground station close by, as well as several bus stops and there is also the bike rental station close by.


I have to admit I almost missed the entrance as there was no big sign or any very visible hint for the hotel. A golden sign next to the door finally convinced me to enter the hotel.

Entrance - Draycott London

Quite Simple Entrance – Draycott London

Review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London

Lovely Interior at Draycott London

Lovely Interior at Draycott London

Lovely Interior at Draycott London

Lovely Interior at Draycott London

Review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London

Review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London


I rang the bell and when the door opened I was welcomed very friendly and was brought to the reception. I was quite early and did not expect to have my room ready, but after a few minutes talk to the receptionists, who gave me some tips about the surroundings, I was told I could check in.

Rooms at Draycott London

Though it is just a small boutique hotel there are several room types and I stayed at the deluxe room – a beautiful luxurious room featuring traditional Edwardian architecture (to be honest I was not honest what kind of architecture it was back then). The room was spacious and with king-size bed. In front of the fireplace was a sofa and the large desk was another significant feature in the room. Some other features were: an AC, complimentary Wi-Fi, Freeview TV, DVD, I-Pod docking station. Since I was in England I wanted to have a tea in front of the fireplace but because of fire protection, there was no kettle. A call at reception was enough to get some hot water delivered at your room (without extra costs of course) and I think it is a perfect start for a cozy evening in front of the fireplace.

I really enjoyed this room, I imagine that it is a style British nobility would definitely have chosen/would choose.

Review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London

Meet Cutie- The Rhino

A Good Cause

If you are wondering why I got this sweet teddy: Draycott supports the Wilderness Foundation and Tusk Trust. Guests receive a rhino teddy to increase awareness about the poacher´s problem is Africa. As I always appreciate if companies take part in projects I took the teddy with me and left a donation for the foundations and trusts. I think this is a great cause and worth noting and supporting (by the way even if you do not like to donate please make sure you do not support poachers unknowingly when traveling in Africa). Draycott is part of the Mantis Group – a collection of privately owned boutique hotels and eco escapes around the world – Mantis Group wants to educate people about such issues and it was initiated on their behalf.

Review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London


The breakfast is served downstairs and there is a small buffet to serve yourself from and a menu that allows you to choose from warm dishes. I, of course, chose the traditional English breakfast (without meat, though) and some fruits and sweets. The hotel itself does not have many rooms, and the breakfast room is also not too big – so there is a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

Extra Services

think, I really liked the idea of several services that were offered throughout the day:

Complimentary tea and homemade biscuits in the Drawing Room at 4 pm.

Complimentary glass of quality Champagne in the Drawing Room at 6 pm.

Complimentary hot chocolate and biscuits in the Drawing Room from 9:30 pm.

I made it to the hot chocolate and biscuits in the evening. Though I normally do not drink hot chocolate I did not wish to miss it and so I went down and actually drunk a chocolate in the lovely room with a view of the garden.

Talking about the garden: There is a little backyard with lovely flowers and a beautiful meadow – a perfect spot to chill (if the weather in London allows it).


I really enjoyed my stay at Draycott Hotel because it is such a lovely, charming and unique hotel with incredibly friendly staff and a beautiful little garden in the middle of London. The location was also good, the interior special and if you look for a smaller boutique hotel offering luxury than this might be a perfect choice.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Draycott Hotel but, as always, all the pictures and the opinions are my own.

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Review: Draycott Boutique Hotel London