How I Afford to Travel the World

How I Afford to Travel the World

How I Afford to Travel the World

One of the questions I get asked (often) is: How do you afford to travel the world? And even those who do not ask me directly have surely been wondering: Is there a rich boyfriend around, has she a great job where she makes tons of money or is she a rich kid? More about my travels here.

I totally understand that question because I am also very curious what a person does for a living that he/she can travel much etc.

This will not be a post about how to save money to travel, it should rather give some answers to those questions that are really important – how can I stay at gorgeous hotels and do all the activities I write about on my social media and my blog?

First of all: I do not have rich parents or a rich husband/boyfriend or sugar daddy. I have also not saved trillions from my current or previous jobs (which I, especially as a student, did like crazy) – as a teacher, I also do not earn like crazy. I am pretty enterprising when it comes to earning money but unfortunately, I am also not a good saver.

How Do I Afford all Those Travels Then?

When I changed jobs (or better locations) 2 years ago I was not sure where I would be relocated (as a teacher you are not always free to choose your school). I knew I would work closer to my home town Bremen and so I decided to move back to my parent´s house until I have sorted it all out – well, that was more than 2 years ago. Now, I am still at my parent´s house. Yes, this is one main secret.

Though I support my parents financially it is still is cheaper to live at my parent´s (which of course is not always easy) but more important than the money saving aspect is actually that they are more around and take very good care of my dog so he hardly has to stay alone while I work.

Anyhow, yes that saves me a bit but is not the only reason. I am also interested in fashion and beauty and some other things so traveling is not my only hobby.

But since I have been working part-time for the last 12 months I apparently could not afford to travel that much.

How I Afford to Travel the World

Since I have decided to reduce my working hours I compensate it with working on my blog. I do not earn any/much money yet but as you might have figured out I often work with hotels, tourism boards or other brands (I always have a disclaimer at the end of my posts). This helps me to live my dream. Blogging is a great thing. It is fun and it helps me getting around and seeing great and wonderful places. I still have a lot of expenses which are not covered – but at the moment I see traveling not only as a hobby but also as an investment. I buy new cameras, an iPad, etc. just to be able to improve my pictures and my blog.

Though I have always loved traveling and did so even as a “poor” student I now see everything as an investment. An investment that is fun. If I were not a blogger I would not do certain activities or certain trips. I am also a bit lazy, and now I do much more and this is great. However, it is always related to work and like most of you all luxury – and traveling is luxury – does not come for free.

I would not want to have it any other way but I hope this post answers some of your questions 🙂

I hope, you keep following me and my travels,

and for you: Safe Travels


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How I Afford to Travel the World

How I Afford to Travel the World