Choose The Best Travel Wallet For Women

I don’t know about you, but keeping my credit cards, ID, cash and passport safe while travelling can seem daunting. I’m always trying to figure out the best way to store everything — and not lose anything I’ll need.

I think a travel wallet is the way to go. You need something durable and fashionable that will allow to to find anything you need in a moment’s notice — no more fumbling around in line searching for your boarding pass! That’s why I came up with this guide to help you find the perfect wallet for travel.

What to Look for in the Best Travel Wallet

  • Compact Size: This is a travel wallet, after all. You don’t need all your store loyalty cards and gift cards for stores that don’t exist where you’re going, so pare down to the main essentials and find a ladies travel wallet that takes up as little space as possible in your bag
  • Room for Your Passport: Most every-day wallets don’t have space for your passport, and that can be a real pain when travelling. You want to keep it safe, after all (so you can get home). A passport travel wallet is a nice addition to your packing list.
  • Anti-Theft Capabilities: An anti-theft wallet is a must-have on most journeys. While it shouldn’t stop you from vigilantly keeping track of your things, it’ll give you some peace of mind that RFID scanners can’t steal your information and pickpockets can’t take your stuff.
  • Material: Whether you look for a slash-proof synthetic fabric or a classic leather travel document holder, make sure to take the material of your wallet into consideration. Leather tends to hold up well for a long time, while synthetics can be waterproof and theft-resistant.
  • Style: There’s no use carrying around a wallet you don’t like. Although it’s not as important as the above features, wanting a designer travel wallet that you love is nothing to be ashamed about.

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Best Passport Wallet For Travel

I perused Amazon for some awesome wallets that have everything you’ll need for your next adventure. Here are my top ten picks:

Travelambo Rfid Blocking Passport Holder Wallet & Travel Wallet Envelope 7 Colors


At this price, you just can’t get anything better! This wallet features a slim profile and comes in seven stylish colors. Not only does it have room for a handful of cards and your passport, it also features a special slot for your boarding pass (which is much better than stuffing it the top of your bag and hoping you can find it later).

The zipper pouch is great for holding some coins and cash, and the RFID-blocking technology means your card numbers and personal information stay yours. Plus, if your cell phone is slim enough, you can slip it into the front pocket. The best passport holder!

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Travel Document Organizer & RFID Passport Wallet Case, Family Passport Holder Id


Also extremely affordable, this passport wallet zips shut, which I love for an added layer of safety. The inside includes slots for your credit cards, cell phone, a folded boarding pass and — of course – your passport. Color options include black, navy, burgundy, blush and my personal favorite: Turquoise.

The wristband is a great feature for a travel wallet – when you pull it out of your bag at the counter, you can keep the band on as an added deterrent against theft. It also features RFID-blocking technology, which is a must-have for a travel passport holder.

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Mundi Big Fat Wallet Womens RFID Blocking Wallet Card Carrier Clutch Organizer


This stylish travel organizer wallet is more of a clutch/mini purse than a wallet with tons of pockets and compartments to keep you organized on the road.

You have 17 adorable colors and patterns to choose from, including orange floral and black crocodile, all made from synthetic RFID-blocking material. Inside the wallet you’ll find 5 slots for photos or identification, 8 credit card slots, a zipper compartment with pockets for passports and your cell phone, and a zipper pocket for coins. At 4.5 inches wide, it’s definitely chunky, but if you have a hard time traveling light, it’ll work great.

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RFID Passport Holder & Neck Wallet / Neck Stash


While not the most stylish option, if you’re looking for a travel neck wallet, this is one of the better passport pouches for travel. You can wear it two ways: Unfolded and around your neck (tuck it in your shirt if you’d like), and folded in thirds  with a cross-body strap. If you want, you can fold it up and tuck it in your bag like a typical wallet. The strap is adjustable and there’s room for your passport, cell phone, credit cards, ID, cash and coins. It comes in black water-resistant material, and includes with an amazing lifetime guarantee.

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Debre Wallet by Able | Fashionable Fair Trade


A pricer option than the others on the list, this stunning fair trade wallet is handcrafted in Ethiopia and made of 100% Ethiopian leather. Able sells products made by women who have overcome, so even if you’re paying more, you’re supporting the cause of women globally. The travel document wallet doesn’t have RFID-blocking technology, but you’ll find space for cards, cell phones, and your passport. The closure is magnetic and the sleek exterior comes in black or tan. Quite possibly the best passport holder for travel simply because of the cause it supports!

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Marsyella All-in-One Leather RFID Wallets for Women


I was especially attracted to this one because it’s different! Besides being made from genuine soft leather, this wallet features a fun tri-fold design with a peek-a-boo cell phone slot that fits nearly any phone (including the iPhone X). At only 1 inch wide, it’s super slim (wonderful for packing light) but it has 20 card holders, room for your passport and RFID-blocking technology to keep your identity safe. Best of all, it’s super sleek and fashionable, and the coffee color is subdued and chic.

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Lodis Audrey Rfid Passport Wallet With Ticket Flap Wallet


This wallet is perfect for the minimalist: A trim almost-square design with room for just 4 cards and your passport/boarding pass. It’s made of 100% leather and closes with a snap. At just 5.75 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide, it’ll take up almost no space in your bag while still keeping your valuables safe with it’s RFID-blocking feature. It comes in eight refined colors, and I love the black one with the mint interior.

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Women RFID Blocking Wallet Wristlet Leather Large Ladies Purse Zip Around Clutch


Here’s another wristlet with a modern geometric design that makes a great travel organizer wallet. This travel security wallet includes a detachable wrist band and zipper closure to keep your things extra safe. Inside you’ll find an ID slot and plenty of credit card slots as well as a pen holder and space for your passport, phone and loose change. According to the description, you can even fit a lipstick in this little clutch, as well as even the largest smartphones. Perhaps the only negative is that it comes in only one color/design, but it’s such a nice one that I don’t mind at all.

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Zero Grid Passport Wallet


Want a hidden travel wallet? This itty-bitty zip-up wallet is perfect for stashing anywhere. It holds just what you need: Some cards, cash, and your passport. It’ll fit in your hand and zips close. I like the “ripstop” nylon material that makes this little wallet extremely durable. Plus the minimalist design will force you to travel light (which makes travel much more fun): The best travel document organizer might be the one that doesn’t let you travel with too many documents! While this isn’t that stylish, the goal with this wallet is to hide it away.

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Women RFID Blocking Wallet Trifold Ladies Luxury Leather Clutch Travel Purse


Here’s a beautiful leather wallet that women can travel with confidently. It has room for your cell phone, credit cards, checkbook, passport and coins. This wallet can be trifold or twofold (to meet your needs) by simply closing a few snaps. It blocks RFID, which is extremely important, and the soft leather will stand the test of time and many travels. It comes in a number of classy colors, my favorite of which is the bright red. All in all, a great travel document holder that doubles as an everyday wallet.

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So what do you think? Which of these travel wallets fits the bill for you?

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