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Best Things to do in Mexico + Travel Tips


Mexico is charming, Mexico is beautiful, and Mexico has a lot to offer. If you want to find out about the best things to do in Mexico, then this post is for you. 

This post was written by Cassandra

In this post, you will not only find out about the best things to do in Mexico but also:

  • Tips and tricks to know when visiting Mexico
  • How to get around in Mexico
  • Security tips for (female) travelers in Mexico
  • The best time to visit
  • What to pack for Mexico
  • Where to stay in Mexico
  • Find out about the 10 best places to visit and see in Mexico

Things to Know Before Visiting Mexico

Before talking about the best Mexico activities, though, here are a few travel tips for Mexico.

General Tips and Tricks for Mexico

  • Tap water in Mexico is not drinkable! Only drink bottled water. The majority of the coastal towns are very safe, but of course, exercise common sense. When in cities, be more aware of pickpocketing and such, and if in Mexico City, beware of fraudulent taxi services.
  • Try to eat in restaurants over street carts, especially if this is your first time in Mexico or if you tend to have a sensitive stomach.
  • When shopping, always barter and negotiate the price!

Tips for Female Travelers in Mexico

  • Most importantly, be aware of your surroundings— always.
  • Most of the coastal areas are very accustomed to travelers, and I have found most people to be very friendly; once inland, in bigger cities, such as Mexico City, I exercise more caution.
  • Don’t walk around alone late at night; usually, if I am alone after dinner, I will head back towards the hotel and relax at the beach or pool, or maybe go to a nearby/neighboring establishment, so I am close when it’s time to head back.
  • Be careful not to expose your money/valuables. Trust your gut if a person or situation doesn‘t feel right—leave. Don’t go out drinking alone, and don’t share your hotel information with people you don’t trust. If you don’t feel comfortable walking, grab a taxi and establish the price before getting in. Be conscious that every city has good and bad areas—research before you go, so you know your good areas and stay in them.
  • Knowing some Spanish (even just the basics) is also very helpful. I do not speak Spanish fluently, but over the years have gained enough to ask for directions and have basic conversations and understanding, which can be incredibly helpful. Pick up a phrasebook and practice before going. If you are staying mainly in coastal areas where tourism is more common, English will be more widely spoken.
  • Aim to blend indon’t wear/flash designer items and expensive jewelry, for example. Also, don’t dress too revealingly. The Mayan culture is more conservative. Once again, the coastal areas are more accustomed to tourists and will have more of a beach culture, where you will see more people wearing shorts and such. But going into the cities, you want to be a bit more conservative.
  • And ignore catcalls; it’s better to avoid confrontation.

Top things to do in Mexico, Arzo Travels

How to Get Around

  • I typically don’t recommend a car rental in Mexico because roads aren’t always in the best condition, and sometimes local police can give you a hassle. Also, many areas don’t require a car.
  • I use transfer services where I can. I typically pre-arrange airport transfers via Olympus Tours. For other areas where Olympus Tours may be unavailable, I use Viator.
  • Find and book Mexico City tours and activities on Book ahead to save time and money!
  • Once in the destination, if staying in a town or city, I walk a lot. Some cities may have hop-on-hop-off bus passes for touring.
  • I mainly use local taxi services, although please note that you should know the price before getting in the vehicle, and bargaining is commonly used; some areas have also started using Uber. Also, note that you have to be cautious when using taxis in Mexico City, as there have been fraudulent drivers, so I like to ask my hotel to arrange my taxis for me.
  • The ADO bus service is easy to use and inexpensive, although it usually takes longer than car services.
  • Collectivos are also an option, which is like shared mini-van taxis.

Tip: If you are a backpacker, you will love this backpacking guide for Central America.

Things to Pack for Mexico

It depends on the time of year and what area you are looking to visit.

With its diverse climates, you can visit the desert, mountains, or rainforest.

Generally, most of Mexico has warm weather year-round, but if you plan to visit an area of higher altitude, like Mexico City, you may need some jeans and sweaters.

Always check the weather forecast before going for temperature estimates, but don’t be disappointed if rain is predicted!

Being in a tropical environment, rain is common in most countries but usually clears up quickly, bringing sunshine. Always bring both sandals and sneakers, bug spray, sunscreen, and basic over-the-counter meds, like Tylenol, Benadryl, and Pepto Bismol.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I might earn a small commission when you buy a product/service via my link (at no extra cost to you). More about it here.

Where to Stay in Mexico

Below are my favored areas and hotel options. I choose the hotels based on location mainly and the options NOT being all-inclusive, so you can get out to local eateries and try the cuisine.

They are all varied in style and level of accommodation – some in town, some beachfront, some elementary and simple, and others a bit more high-end.

Places to visit in Mexico
Riviera Maya – Quintana Roo @shutterstock

Accommodation: Caribbean Coast in Mexico

  • Isla Mujeres: Hotel Ixchel is a good choice – stay in the Playa Norte area to be close to town so that you can walk to restaurants easily
  • Puerto Morelos: Hotel Arrecifes is located on the beach, about a 10-minute walk into the town center.
  • Playa Maroma: Hotel Amarte – this area is normally pricey, but this property is set back in the rainforest area, making it more affordable. It’s about a 15-minute walk to the beach, or you can take a shuttle service, but a great eco-boutique hotel) *more secluded- no town area within walking distance.
  • Playa del Carmen: Hotel Mahekal is set up in a traditional cabana-style, right on the beach; an amazing spot, but a bit more pricey. If you opt to stay in town at the Fiesta Inn (not on the beach), prices are lower (read more about Playa del Carmen).

Accommodation: West Coast in Mexico

  • Puerto Vallarta: Hotel Playa Conchas Chinas is right on the beach, only a 5-minute taxi ride into downtown for shopping, exploring, and nights out.
  • Punta Mita/ Sayulita area: Hotels Meson de Mita and Casablanca Sayulita are simple, beachfront, bohemian properties *more secluded- no town area within walking distance.

Accommodation: Yucatan Cities in Mexico

  • Merida: Hotel Casa San Angel, located in the historic district and only a 15-minute walk from the center of town, where the park and cathedral are.
  • Valladolid: Hotel Meson del Marques is an old colonial mansion converted to a hotel and serves delicious traditional Mayan dishes! Even if you don’t stay here, eat here.
  • Campeche: Hotel Socaire is located centrally in the historic center, within easy walking distance to restaurants and sites.
what to do in Mexico
Valladolid, Pic: LucVi /

Best Time to Visit Mexico

Any time is a good time to visit Mexico. Note that November and December bring higher prices, and September is the heart of hurricane season (although this doesn’t mean necessarily bad weather)!

I visited during September with days of sunshine, but just a good thing to keep in mind. May usually has good pricing and is before the summer months’ heavy heat, so it is a great option.


Ready to find out about the best things to do in Mexico?

Visit Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

This is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and was enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Chichen Itza is probably the most famous Mexico tourist attraction and comes with crowds – yet it is still a must-see because it is absolutely stunning. It is a large pre-Columbian city probably built by the Toltec-Maya between 1050 and 1300 CE.
Chechen Itza: Pic by Cassandra Londono
It was one of the largest Maya cities and likely one of the mythical great cities. There are many attractions but the most famous is probably the massive step pyramid, known as El Castillo or Temple of Kukulcan.
You will need between 3 hours to a full day to see the ancient city. Chichen Itza is located in the center of the northern portion of the Yucatan Peninsula, so getting there is quite easy.

You can also join a tour to Chichen Itza. Here are some Chichen Itza tour recommendations:

  • From Cancun & Riviera Maya: Chichen Itza, Valladolid & Cenote Tour
  • From Cancun & PDC: Chichen Itzá, Ik Kil, and Coba Small Group Tour
  • From Cancun & Riviera Maya: Chichén Itzá, Hubiku Cenote & Valladolid Tour

Swim in a Cenote

Cenotes are these magical, underground swimming pools created by Mother Nature. Some are open at the top, and some are more closed, like a cave. Most are located within the Yucatan Peninsula.

Ik-Kil cenote near Chichen Itza @shutterstock

Ik Kil is a popular one, mainly because it is near Chichen Itza, but it is also STUNNING, with vines and tree roots stretching down hundreds of feet towards the water. The key is to get there early to avoid crowds. Several other cenotes are lesser-known and great to check out, each unique in its own way.

Cenote Zaci is lovely, and is in the center of the colonial city Valladolid. It is also best to go in the morning because locals come to cool off midafternoon and it can get more crowded.

Cenotes by area: Valladolid (Zaci, Samula, Xkeken and Xcanche), Playa del Carmen (Azul, Jardin Eden, and Cristalino), Puerto Morelos (Verde Lucero and La Noria), and Merida (Xlacah, and “the 3 cenotes of Cuzama”).

Ik Kil is central to all of these locations, being a long drive of about 1 1/2-2 hours, regardless of which area you stay in, so it is best paired with a visit to Chichen Itza. Check out Prices for a Day Trip to Ik Kil and Chichen Itza

Snorkel the Mesoamerican Reef

Mesoamerican Barrier is the second largest reef system globally and stretches from Cancun all the way down to Honduras (it is almost 700 kilometers). The only reef larger is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Mexico tourist attractions
Mesoamerican Barrier @shutterstock

The reef system is beautiful, and you can see vibrant corals and snorkel with sea turtles. This reef can be accessed from any point along the Caribbean coast of Mexico, but the best spots are Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Puerto Morelos, and Akumal.

where to go in Mexico
Mesoamerican Barrier @shutterstock

Visit a Biosphere

Mexico is home to 12 biospheres, which are scattered throughout the country, and depending on which area you travel to, there will always be something amazing to see.

best places to go in Mexico
Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve near Tulum @shutterstock

The mangroves of Sian Ka’an, the leopards, residing in Calakmul, the deserts of Mapimi, the sea lion colonies in the Islas de Gulfo de California, the wolves at La Michilia reserve, the forests of Sierra de Manantlan, and much more! The country is so diverse, but whichever area you choose to visit, make sure that you get on a day trip to the closest biosphere.

Mayan Cities of the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan area (states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and Campeche) is home to a plethora of ancient Mayan cities and to the largest populations of contemporary Mayans in Mexico.

Mexico points of interest
Santa Ana church, Merida @shutterstock

Although Quintana Roo has become a tourist hotspot for its Caribbean beaches, you can venture into the jungle just a bit to find some stunning cities within Yucatan and Campeche.

Spanish-colonial architecture, colorful buildings lining the streets, and traditional Mayan cultures are kept alive. My favorite cities are Merida, Valladolid, and Campeche. Get off the beaten track and explore these cities packed with history and culture, and don’t forget to try some Mayan dishes, like Relleno Negro and Pollo Pibil—delicious!

places to go in Mexico
Campeche @shutterstock

Swim With the Whale Sharks

One of the best things to do in Mexico is to swim with sharks.

Don’t worry. They eat plankton – not fish (and don’t even have teeth to bite with!) These gentle giants migrate to Isla Mujeres to feed on the plankton annually between June and September. I went in August, and it was magical! Manta rays feed in the same areas, too, so the chances are that you will get to see and swim with both. It was absolutely awe-inspiring.

You must be conscious of what company you go with—this is an endangered species, and responsible tourism is necessary. I HIGHLY recommend Ocean Tours Mexico.

They pick up travelers anywhere from Playa del Carmen north to Cancun and transport you to the boats and then to the whale sharks. They are professional and care about the well-being of both the traveler and the sharks. Plus, they video and photograph your experience so that you can just focus on the swim— it was amazing!

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mexico is home to 34 UNESCO World Heritage sites!

places to visit in Mexico
Mayan Ruins, Pic Cassandra Londono

That is more than any other country in the Americas and lands Mexico as #7 on the list of all the countries in the world! These include ancient Mayan ruins, as well as historic city centers, and much more. Some of the included ruins are Chichen Itza (which falls centrally between Merida, Valladolid, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen), the Teotihuacan ruins near Mexico City, Uxmal near Merida, and Palenque near Villahermosa.

Some of the historic, gorgeous town centers included are Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende (one of my favorites), The Walled City of Campeche, Puebla, Zacatecas, Morelia, Mexico City, and Oaxaca (known for their Day of the Dead festivals).

No matter where you choose to visit in Mexico, you will have a UNESCO World Heritage site to explore nearby.

Visit the Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean coast of Mexico is a dream come true. White, baby-powder sand, the turquoise sea, the temperature of bathwater, coral reef systems, sea turtles, and palm trees; combine that with Mexico’s flavor and culture, and you couldn’t ask for more.

fun things to do in Mexico
Isla Mujeres @shutterstock

The trick is to find the right areas to visit because, unfortunately, it is not a well-kept secret, so avoiding tourist hot spots has become more challenging in the past few years as mega resorts take over. Of course, if you want a pampered, all-inclusive stay, go for it! There is no shortage of them here, but I would avoid Cancun if you want a more authentic experience.

You could head to Isla Mujeres if you don’t mind taking the ferry over or going south to Riviera Maya. Specifically, my favored areas of Riviera Maya are Puerto Morelos, Playa Maroma, Playa del Carmen, and Akumal.

Playa del Carmen has a larger town and continues to grow with a chic vibe. It is a great spot if you like to walk around and self-explore; also, there is a ferry there to Cozumel, which makes for nice day trips. Puerto Morelos is a much smaller fishing town, more for relaxing and having a good home base to explore ruins and cenotes.

Playa Maroma neighbors Puerto Morelos and boasts some of the best beaches on the coast. Akumal is farther and more secluded, about an hour south, if you want to be more in nature.

best places to go in Mexico
Playa del Carmen in Mexico @shutterstock

Visit the West Coast

Cabo is the west coast version of Cancun, so once again, if you want to get a bit more authentic with your travels, opt to avoid this area. In fact, for a truly authentic experience, consider wine tasting in the Valle de Guadalupe, near Ensenada.

best things to do in Mexico
The arch point (El Arco) at Cabo San Lucas @shutterstock

The Pacific Coast is a beautiful place, and there are plenty of places along the coastline to enjoy, but I most recommend the states of Jalisco and Nayarit.

If you want to start or end your journey there, you will most likely fly to La Paz, north of Cabo, and a great way to get there.

They have nice beaches, gorgeous mountains, and a variety of areas to explore. The jungles and mountains stretch until they touch the ocean here. The water is clear and warm, but with more movement than the eastern coast—making it a nice spot for surfers as well.

You can opt to stay near a large town, like Puerto Vallarta, where you can explore the markets, see the Spanish cathedral, and take to the cobblestone streets to shop, eat, and have fun. Or, if you prefer more seclusion, try sleepy, bohemian towns, like Punta Mita or Sayulita.

From these states on the west coast, you can head into the jungles and zip line through the treetops, head out on a zodiac to see the magical pods of whales that migrate down here during winter months, or explore the hidden paradise in the Islas Marietas – surely one of the best places to go in Mexico.

Mexico city attractions
Islas Marietas in Mexico @shutterstock

Explore Mexico City

The Capital of Mexico is a hustle and bustle city, with a population of almost 9 million. It combines the ancient, the colonial, and the modern.

Mexico city points of interest
Xochimilco’s Floating Gardens in Mexico City @shutterstock

You can see the famous Mexican Folkloric Ballet, Frida Kahlo’s home, explore the grand Spanish Colonial buildings, take a ride down the Xochimilco canals with a mariachi band, or try some interesting foods (find out about the best places to eat in Mexico City).

In addition to everything this city offers, it is a great home base for exploring other nearby areas, like the Teotihuacan ruins, some of the tallest Mayan ruins in Mexico, and still open for visitors to climb!

You can also witness the Monarch butterfly migration within the biosphere during winter months (about 2 hours outside of the city), hike the Izaccihuatl Volcano, and much more.


As you can see, Mexico has a lot to offer – whenever you visit you can choose from a sheer variety of attractions and activities.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Leave a comment and let us know if you have traveled to Mexico or which place had made it on your bucket list!

Safe Travels!

Cannot get enough of Mexico? Then read the off-the-beaten Oaxaca guide!


About the Author

Cassandra is a US-female travel addict that loves traveling the world. She has made traveling her priority, and so she has traveled for the last few years.

Safe Travels, Arzo

Where to Stay in Mexico City – Best Areas and Hotels for all Budgets

Mexico City best hotels to stay in all areas


Are you planning a trip to Mexico City and are wondering about where to stay in Mexico City? Then this post is for you – here Cassandra shares her tips for the best places to stay.

Mexico City is an amazing destination set in the mountains of central Mexico. This city is a thriving metropolis with a lively art scene, some of the world’s best food, and stunning Spanish colonial architecture – a clash of old world and new.

Several parts of the city are worth visiting- I picked my top favorites here, starting with La Reforma: Paseo de La Reforma is lined with a multitude of both monuments and street vendors and has a great nightlife scene to boot! It’s one of the most popular areas to visit and is a pedestrian-friendly area of the city. Centro Historico – just as it sounds – is filled with history.

Beautiful old pedestrian streets lined with antique buildings, many of the museums are located in this district. On the other hand, Condesa is the trendy urban hot-spot for days spent browsing vintage shops and nights spent at rooftop lounges. Polanco is the high-end, posh, and luxury district of Mexico City. Filled with designer boutiques, art galleries, and a flourishing upscale dining scene.


  1. Never drink tap water, only bottled water, to avoid stomach problems.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings and exercise common sense. Do not be careless about your money or passport while out on the town to avoid pick-pocketing. Don’t leave belonging or drinks at the bar unattended or provide your hotel information to anyone you don’t trust, and I do not recommend walking around alone at night.
  3. Do not hail taxis off the street. There have been cases of false taxis taking advantage of travelers and people unfamiliar with the city. It is best to have your hotel arrange any taxi services for you. If you need to hail a taxi, check that they have taxi license plates that incorporate numbers preceded by A or B, the numbers would also match the numbers painted on the body of the taxi. There should also be an identification card displayed inside the cab with a photo of the driver. Currently, Mexico City also has Uber.

Below I have some of my favorite spots to stay in each district!

Stay in La Reforma

Where to stay in Mexcio City_

Luxury – Four Seasons Mexico City

Right on Paseo de la Reforma, this gorgeous 5-star property is only steps from Chapultepec Park. 

  • They have a pool, fitness center, spa, and barbershop on site.
  • With 2 restaurants and 2 lounges on the property, you can always opt for a night in as well.
  • They also have a concierge who can assist with getting day trips and excursions set up for you during your stay and “Taste of Mexico City,” an experience including visits to some of the best cocktail bars in the city.

Moderate – Mexico City Marriott Reforma

A great central location and relatively close to the historic downtown for easy exploring as well.

  • They have 2 restaurants on-site plus 24-hour room service and a fitness center and spa with steam rooms.
  • With a 4 ½ star rating and a rooftop lounge for executive members, you really can’t go wrong.

Budget – Fiesta Americana Reforma

Another great location right on Reforma, the Fiesta Americana, is a more budget-friendly option.

It offers parking, airport transportation services, free wifi, and a breakfast buffet.

  • They have 2 restaurants, 2 bars and a fitness center available.  The Zocalo is only about a 15-20-minute walk or a short taxi ride if you prefer.
  • This hotel is an older property but still a popular 4 star with its perfect location.

Boutique – Hotel Carlota

This boutique property is a refuge in the city. It is a unique and lovely 4-star property with only 36 rooms with an eccentric and artsy design.

  • Placed slightly off Reforma but only a few steps away, it is another perfectly located option, walking distance to plenty of attractions and a short taxi ride to historic downtown.
  • If you want to be in the La Reforma area but want to skip the high-rise chain hotels- this is the best option for you.

Stay in Condesa

Best areas to stay in Mexico City
Image Credit: @shutterstock

Luxury – Hippodrome Hotel

This hotel is both luxury and boutique with exclusivity at only 16 rooms.

  • They are tucked on a quieter side street in Condesa with many nearby restaurants and art galleries.
  • They have 1 restaurant on site, which is farm-to-table, as well as room service and the option to book in-room spa treatments.
  • The design is very chic and offers a glamourous nod to the 1930s while still maintaining a modern appeal.

Moderate – Maria Condesa Hotel

This option is also centrally located, although not as “tucked away” as Hippodrome. They have 2 restaurants on-site, both a French and Spanish option, and the neighborhood is easily walkable. Much like everything else in the Condesa area, it has an artsy, chic, and boutique-type vibe. Maria Condesa is most known for their service and personal touches like their greeting with sparkling wine and assistance with arranging taxi services or activities if needed.

Budget – Casa Comtesse

Casa Comtesse is a lovely little 4 star B&B. Known to have a great host and, of course, breakfast included, this option is a quaint property furnished in an old mansion. There are plenty of restaurants within a 5-10 minute walk providing a nice convenient location. This charming B&B also has a great courtyard for outdoor relaxing and provides a bit of an oasis in the city, making it a great budget-friendly option without sacrificing service or location.

Boutique – Condesa DF

Condesa DF is right near City Park, offering a nice walkable location. On the street lined with historic buildings, Condesa DF itself is from 1928 and a beautiful building with a lovely restaurant on-site as well as a rooftop bar for lounging on summer nights. Also a great spot for shopping and visiting local galleries easily by foot.  If you are looking for a large chain resort-style hotel, this is not it, but if you’d like a quaint boutique property with a great location for exploring Mexico City – this is it.

Stay in Centro Historico

Luxury – Grand Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

This hotel is oozing with luxury and opulence. From the moment you step into the lobby with its stained glass ceiling, you’re transported back in time to an era of elegance. It’s absolutely stunning and right in the center of the historical quarter of the city. They have a terrace restaurant overlooking the plaza – a great spot to catch lunch or dinner and what the bustle below and the location is ideal, making it easy to walk around and sightsee, shop or grab local eats.

Moderate – Hotel Cathedral

The view of the cathedral from several of this hotel’s rooms is how it got its name. A solid 4 star, it is centrally located with tons to do and see within walking distance. They have a buffet on-site- great for some breakfast before heading out for the day, as well as a concierge service that can help set up day trips and tours to explore the surrounding areas. Even if your room doesn’t have a cathedral view, they have a great terrace for taking in the views and getting some great photos.

Budget -Hotel Zocalo Central

Another option with a great location right near Zocalo square. The hotel has nice simple décor with Mexican touches such as wrought iron headboards and natural wood pieces like the desk, floor, and exposed beams. They have a terrace restaurant on site where you can enjoy their breakfast buffet with a view of the square below- a beautiful way to start the day. They also offer a great dinner, including a 9-course tasting menu for some authentic Mexican foods. If you want the historic district’s central location and great views without spending big bucks, this is a great option.

Boutique – Downtown Mexico

This is my favorite boutique property in Mexico City. It has such an interesting modern artsy design that sets it apart from the other historic buildings, and unlike most hotels in the historic district- they have a pool! Also, they have a rooftop bar and a lovely courtyard to relax with greenery and seating. There are 2 restaurants on-site- in particular, the restaurant Azul is noted to be great. If you want a unique hip spot to stay in the historic district- this would be the best option for you.

Stay in Polanco

Mexico CIty hotels for budgets

Luxury – Los Alcoves

Los Alcobas is a 5-star luxury hotel back by Starwood Hotels and in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of Mexico City to boot! They have a spa on-site for the days you want to spend relaxing as well as 2 restaurants on the property. Within a 10 minute walk from this hotel, you can experience dozens of options for cafes, dining, bars, and boutique shops, as well as a few parks. This area is also much quieter than the bustling Paseo de Reforma if you want a more relaxed feel to the environment.

Moderate – W Mexico City

About a 15 minute walk from Chapultepec and surrounded by plenty of dining options. This is another great spot to enjoy Polanco. They have a posh spa, a bar with a live DJ, and a Spanish/Mexican restaurant right on the property too. The W is still high-end and offers the luxury vibes of Polanco without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect moderate option for this upscale side of the city.

Budget- Camino Real Polanco

Camino Real is a reliable and extremely affordable chain of Mexican hotels. Across from the park and near several museums, it’s a great home base for exploring. Unlike many of the city’s hotels, this option has a great pool for the hot summer days Mexico has. The property is a nice low rise filled with artwork and plenty of greenery, providing a nice oasis from the city. The hotel also houses restaurants and bars, including their popular bar, The Blue Lounge, convenient for nights you’d rather stay in.

Boutique – Busue Hotel

In the heart of Polanco, this property was originally an old mansion estate that was redone in a modern and artistic way as it was transformed into a hotel. Busue is within walking distance to Mexico City’s famous Anthropology museum and about 5 miles from the equally famous Frida Kahlo museum, where her artwork is displayed in her blue house. On site, they have a great restaurant and bar Dixon. The restaurant’s interior design is equally impressive to that of the hotel and has a mixture of modern and 70’s style décor. For a fun, unique, and gorgeous option in the center of the Polanco district – this would be it.

Safe travels. We hope this post help you to find the perfect hotel for your Mexico City trip!

About the Author

Cassandra is a US-female travel addict who loves traveling the world and works as a tour operator. She is a freelance writer for Arzo Travels, where she shares her expertise and has a special love affair with Mexico – so she knows pretty well what she is recommending to you 🙂

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Safe Travels, Arzo

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