Best Places to Visit in Spain

best places to visit in Spain


Barcelona! Madrid! These are probably some of the first places that come to people´s minds when hearing about Spain. However, this proud country has so many more places that are worth to be visited. So if you are wondering about the best places to visit in Spain, this post is perfect for you.

Find out about the most beautiful places in Spain – from cities to towns and beaches, from metropolis to hidden gems – this post, written in collaboration with some of some fellow travel bloggers.

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Recommended by Abbie from Speck on the Globe

Tucked at the Sierra Nevada Mountains base in Southern Spain, Granada is one of the cities not to be forgotten. Getting lost in the six neighborhoods here is encouraged.

places to go in Spain

The small alleyways and narrow streets are perfect places for taking a walk, people watching and uncovering great places to eat. 

Marveling at the Moorish buildings is a must, and the Alhambra is a perfect example of Andalusian and Arabic architecture. This building and the surrounding gardens are probably the most popular tourist attraction in the region. Therefore getting tickets ahead of time is a great way to ensure a ticket. 

The Sacromonte neighborhood of Granada is located in the hills above the city. 

The attraction here is to come up for the evening to see a more traditional flamenco show. Still, you can also spend the night in one of the many cave homes, offering unique lodging and stunning views of the Alhambra and the city below.  There are several places to see a Flamenco, but Venta El Gallo is the place that mastered the local Zambra style.

Spending in the caves is another highlight of many.

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Recommended by Rashmi & Chalukya from Go Beyond Bounds

Montserrat is a famous Catalonian Pilgrim destination in Spain that can easily be done on Barcelona’s day trip.

spain tourist attractions, Montserrat Monastery

The Montserrat monastery sits atop a unique jagged mountain massif, which is a marvelous sight to behold and one of Spain’s most beautiful places.

The Montserrat Basilica in gothic architectural style has a beautiful interior with elegant chandeliers and enshrines the famous statue of the Virgin of Montserrat. The Espai Audio Visual museum provides an insight into the history of the Montserrat Monastery, the mountain, and the life at Montserrat.

From Montserrat mountains, there are two more funiculars, one to the top Sant Joan which has trails leading to the highest summit, and the other to the caves of Santa Cova, which has a small chapel built into the mountain. Both the trails have wonderful views of the mountains and the valleys of Montserrat.

To reach Montserrat, one can take a train to Montserrat from Barcelona’s Placa d’Espanya station and then a cable car or a rack railway to the top. Trains run every hour.

The combined tickets to Montserrat with the cablecar or the rack railway to the monastery and further ride up with the funiculars can be bought at the Placa d’Espanya station itself.

Overnight hikes to reach the top to watch the sunrise is very popular with the locals.

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Recommended by Sonia from Migrating Miss

Almería city is certainly a destination worth visiting and one of the hidden gems in Spain.

best places in Spain

If you only went for the free tapas, which are some of, if not the best, in Spain, then you wouldn’t be disappointed. Many of the tapas bars are exploring new flavors and fusions and producing high-quality traditional tapas, and you get to choose what you want for free from an extensive menu, as long as you have a drink too!

Explore the Alcazaba, a Moorish Fortress used in Game of Thrones that you will often have almost to yourself, plus several museums including one about the history of cinema in Almería, a film destination since the 1930s.

Add a visit to the Los Refugios de Guerra Civil, underground shelters from the Spanish Civil War, and you’ll be wondering why more people don’t visit this city of historical import.

Almería has one of the driest climates in Europe, with the nearby Tabernas is the only desert in Europe, and so you can look forward to plenty of sunshine when you visit. 

This makes wandering along the Paseo de Maritimo pleasant at almost any time of year. If you want to venture further out of the city, you can always go to the nearby Cabo de Gata Natural Park, a stunning area where former volcanic mountains reach down to the sea.

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Recommended by Talek from Travels with Talek

Oviedo, the capital of Asturias province in northern Spain, does not disappoint.


It is a traditional Spanish town with the massive cathedral in the central plaza surrounded by medieval monasteries, convents, churches, and winding cobblestone streets. Yes, there’s that, along with riveting museums and art galleries.

There are three main sections of the city reserved for extreme revelry, each more fun than the next. Cider Street has great regional cuisine, and cider is served from bottles held up to four feet away from the glass. Tapas Street has a myriad of counter service bars offering killer tapas.

The more upscale North Street offers gastronomic works of art at surprisingly reasonable prices.  Local musicians wander in and out of these restaurants, performing and encouraging them to join in the revelry.

Add to that some of the best wine in Spain, and the result is the Spanish version of a rip-roaring good time. Sometimes the patrons follow the musicians out to their next stop to continue the fun. It’s unique!

Tip: Despite the festive atmosphere, Oviedo remains a very safe city for party-goers, including women traveling solo.

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Majorca / Mallorca

Recommended by Arzo from Arzo Travels

A must-see place in Spain is Mallorca.

Outside of Europe, not many people have heard of the beautiful island of Mallorca. This might come as a surprise to many in Germany since several million Germans visit Mallorca, one of the Balearic islands, each year.

The island is known as the wildest party place. If you are enjoying wild parties, you might like Mallorca, but to me, it is much more than a place to party for cheap.

Mallorca has one of the most beautiful beaches and coasts (calas) in all of Europe. If you stay away from the party area, El Arenal, you´ll be amazed by Mallorca´s beauty. There is a lot to see and do besides spending the entire day on the beach, and you’ll not get bored staying in Majorca for one week.

Things you need to do in Mallorca: visit the amazing calas (my favorites are Cala Mondrago and Cala de Mallorca) with their pristine waters and white sandy beaches; and get lost in the cutest villages, like Valldemossa.


Recommended by Erin from Down Bubble

Cádiz is located in the south of Spain, in the Andalusia region, just below Seville.

places to see in spain Olivera Arzo Travels

If you’ve visited Cuba, it may look familiar to you as its seaside skyline looks like a twin for Havana, and as such, it was actually used for the Havana scenes in the James Bond film “Die Another Day.”

It is a coastal town built onto a sandbar peninsula, so if you like beaches, you’ll want to stop by Cadiz! Enjoy the long beachside promenade with alfresco terraces to take in the views of glasses of wine.

Another excellent seaside spot in Cadiz is the Castle of San Sebastián. This is a military fortress from 1706 built on a small island about 1 kilometer off the coast of La Caleta beach as joined to the mainland by a stone levee, a novel way to extend an evening promenade stroll!

Near to here, you can then view the incredible ficus (rubber) trees, just one of Cadiz’s many beautiful parks full of interesting foliage brought back from expeditions to the “New World.”

A final must-see (but by no means the last thing you’ll find in Cadiz) is the Roman Theatre ruins which are the second largest in the world, and the site allows you to walk through the tunnel out into the seating area just as the patrons must’ve done over 2000 years ago!

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Recommended by Kelsey from Kelsey Social

Many people are disappointed with the Spanish capital city because they compare it to Barcelona, the second-largest city in Spain. The appeal of Madrid is in the hidden plazas, bustling marketplaces, and quaint neighborhoods. 

trip to Spain

When visiting Madrid, allow yourself to wander through the narrow streets, free of tourists, only stopping to admire a beautiful site like the Royal Palace. Enjoy a cafe con leche while people-watching in Plaza Mayor. Stop in one of the many markets like Mercado de San Miguel for an afternoon glass of wine and sampling of tapas.

Stroll through Parque del Buen Retiro to take in the Spanish sunshine and maybe rent a rowboat. Catch the sunset and a great view at a place like Templo de Debod, a gift from Egypt, or Círculo de Bellas Artes, a favorite rooftop patio.

Don’t you dare leave the city without sampling the iconic churros con chocolate at Chocolatería de San Gines. When you visit Madrid, remember to slow down and admire the people’s constant liveliness in the city that serves as the heart of Spain.

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Recommended by Dan from Honeymoon Always

Toledo is a small, ancient, UNESCO-recognized city located about 50 minutes south of Madrid, and if you are wondering what to see in Spain, you have the answer.

what to see in Spain, Toledo

The city is known as the city of three cultures due to Christian, Arab and Jewish communities and their respective religious sites. The inner historical area contains a mosque, Sephardic synagogues, and Spain’s finest Gothic cathedrals.

Walking around the historic area, you’ll first want to visit those religious sites. The cathedral is huge and contains several rare pieces of art, including paintings from Zubarán, Van Dyck, Goya, Raphael, Bellini, Titian, Velasquez, and Rubens, as well as 18 El Grecos, who was from Toledo.

Additionally, take a stroll around the narrow cobblestone streets, stopping to look in the numerous shops.

You’ll notice several shops filled with knives, swords, and armor paying tribute to the former Knights that once lived in Toledo.

Make sure you don’t miss the zipline going over the river. It is the longest urban zip line in Europe and is also very affordable, currently only 10 Euros.

I also recommend going to the Alcazar Fortress, the army museum that is also a perfect place to see the city’s panoramic views from a high hill.

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Recommended by Sam from Alternative Travelers

Segovia is one of the best towns to visit in Spain because it has it all – an epic Roman aqueduct, a fairytale castle, picturesque landscape views, and a beautiful town center.

Spain places to visit Segovia
@Alternative Travelers

The walkable and winding streets packed with history will truly transport you to another time and place. The entire town in northern Spain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the top must-see site is the massive Roman aqueduct that towers over one of the town’s plazas. Bonus – it’s free!

Beyond the aqueduct, no trip to Segovia is complete without visiting the 12th century Alcázar, a fortress turned into the royal palace and later military academy. Today, you can explore the entire building from the dungeons up to the turrets. Make sure to head all the way to the top for stunning views of the town itself as well as the surrounding countryside’s rolling hills.

Afterward, walk back to Plaza Mayor, where Isabella I, one of Spain’s most famous monarchs, was crowned. The plaza is also home to Segovia’s cathedral, the last Gothic cathedral to be built in Spain and one of the last to be built in all of Europe.

Segovia is a perfect day trip from Madrid that is easily accessible by bus, train, or car.

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San Sebastian

Recommended by Miguel from TravelSauro

Located in the mountainous Basque Country in the north of Spain, San Sebastian is well-known for its local tradition, impressive old town, white sand beaches, and top-class restaurants.


Besides its natural beauty, San Sebastian has become a popular gastronomic and cultural destination. It has 15 Michelin stars distributed among seven restaurants. The city boasts more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere in the world except Tokyo.

It’s also home to the glamorous Festival de Cine de San Sebastián and the Donosti Jazzaldi, a world-known jazz festival.

Walk around Casco Viejo (Old Town) to wander its alleys and enjoy the traditional architecture. The city hall is a must-visit place – it was first used as a casino in the Belle Époque time of 1882 when San Sebastian was popular among European aristocrats.

Other places you shouldn’t miss: Peine de los Vientos, a great steel sculpture complex located in front of the sea; La Brecha, a beautiful market inspired by Roman and Greek architecture; and the port area, where you can see the colorful houses of fishermen.

For the city’s best view, take a tour to Monte Igueldo and enjoy a panoramic vista of the bay, the city, and the surrounding mountains!

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Costa Blanca

I admit that Costa Blanca was not really on my radar – and I booked my flights from Bremen to Alicante just because I found a good deal. However, Costa Blanca is a beautiful travel destination in Spain.

Itinerary Altea in Costa Blanca

It is just so diverse – of course, there is stunning Valencia (more on that a bit later), but there are also charming towns like Altea or Villajoyosa. You might have never heard of these as neither I had heard of them.

But while there are tiny and not very well-known, they are surely worth a visit. Villajoyosa is a very colorful (and I mean really colorful) town at Costa Blanca, while Altea is a mini version of Santorini.

But then there is the lovely city of Alicante with the beautiful promenade and the even more stunning castles that allow great city views.

As I have more detailed guides on those places, I keep it short here – but definitely add Costa Blanca to your itinerary.

Santiago de Compostela

Recommended by Elaine & David from The Whole World is a Playground

Santiago de Compostela’s beautiful town in northwest Spain is best known as the final stop of the world-renowned Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.


The Old Town of Santiago de Compostela, with its winding streets, quaint archways, and historical monuments, houses a plethora of delicious wine and tapas bars where locals and tourists alike relax over delicious food and wine during the hot Spanish afternoons.

The Old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered one of the world’s most beautiful urban areas.

The square in front of the stunning Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela greets the Camino pilgrims as they enter the town at the end of their long journey: some make their way from France, winding through northern Spain and finishing in Santiago de Compostela where the remains of Saint James are said to be buried.

The symbol of the Camino, the sea-shell, is embossed on stones around in the square, and pilgrims stand in front of the cathedral to marvel at the end of their trek.

Plan your visit to the Cathedral at the right time, and you’ll see the famous incense ceremony where incense is lit and swung around the altar in a giant thurible known as the Botafumeiro.

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Recommended by Arzo from Arzo Travels

A trip to Spain without visiting Barcelona at all would feel weird. It does not surprise that Barcelona is one of the best cities, does it? It should be on any Spain itinerary.

Barcelona @shutterstock best cities to visit in Spain

Often, I hear it is the favorite city of those who have traveled through Europe. Why is that? There are many different reasons, but for one, Barcelona is an amazing place to see Gaudi´s architecture. There are so many stunning buildings that it would be easy to spend days just exploring them, like the La Sagrada Familia or the Guell Park.

Checking out La Ramblas, the major entertainment street, is another (family-friendly) activity that is a must-see place and checking out the beach in Barcelona. Admittedly, it is not the best beach ever, but rest at the beach comes in handy after all the sightseeing.

Football fans´ first choice would probably be Camp Nou, the football club FC Barcelona stadium.

Either way, Barcelona is probably the number one place to visit in Spain, so you need to put it on your Spain itinerary.

  • Click here to find out what to do in Barcelona in three days.
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Recommended by Hannah from That Adventurer

Almuñécar is a small, fairly quiet town in the south of Spain, just a few hour’s drive from Malaga and just an hour south of Granada. It has absolutely gorgeous beaches that never seem too crowded even in summer – perhaps because there’s 19km of the beach!

holiday places in Spain, , Granada

It’s worthwhile spending a morning (before the sun gets too strong) exploring the old town. You can climb your way up the narrow, windy streets where you’ll really find yourself immersed in the local way of life. Then wander the Paseo del Altillo, where you’ll find a monument to the writer Laurie Lee who lived in Almuñécar in the 1930s.

Continue your historical morning by making your way over to the San Miguel Castle, which has been resorted, slowly, over the last 130 years.

The castle also has an interesting archaeological museum containing artifacts from different periods of its history and offers impressive views of the rocky coastline beneath its walls and turrets.

Want more great views? Head to the western end of Almuñécar’s main beaches, and you’ll notice a group of rocks called the Peñón del Santo. A gentle climb takes you up some steps to the top, and it’s well worth the climb.

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Recommended by Adelina from Pack Me To

In the heart of Southern Spain, halfway between Madrid and Seville, lies the city of Córdoba.

where to visit in Spain, Cordoba

Famous for its Mezquita, or The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, there is plenty of other things to discover in the city as well. Córdoba’s old town, the second-largest old town in Europe, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers discoveries around every corner.

Be sure to stop by the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the former royal fortress and primary residence of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Walk across the Roman Bridge, which was used to film part of Season 5 of the Game of Thrones.

At night, you can see the city basked in a beautiful hue from its lights. And of course, you can’t miss the Mezquita. Part cathedral, part mosque, the building’s divergent architecture is fascinating and a lot of fun to wander through.

Before you leave the city, be sure to get a taste of salmorejo, a thicker and creamier version of gazpacho made from a puree of tomato, bread, olive oil, garlic, and salt.

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Nathan Aguilera from Foodie Flashpacker

With its gorgeous medieval architecture and walled Old Quarter, Girona shouldn’t be missed. Game of Thrones fans will also likely recognize Girona as it’s used as the setting for Braavos.

Spain points of interest. Girona

You should start your visit to the city by trying one of the legendary xuixo pastries created in Girona. The deep-fried dough is filled with Crema Catalana and then dusted with crystallized sugar. Many locals have one of these with coffee to start their day!

During your visit, make sure to visit the Girona Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona. The cathedral has the world’s widest Gothic nave at 22 meters or 72 feet.

Girona is famous for its cathedral having the world’s largest nave, but the city also houses Europe’s smallest square, the Placa dels Raim, measuring only 24 meters.

Also, make sure to visit the Iron Bridge, also known as the Eiffel Bridge as the designer also designed the famous Eiffel Tower located in Paris. When planning your visit to Spain, make sure not to overlook Girona.

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Recommended by Liza from Tripsget

Seville is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It’s located in the South of Spain, already pretty close to Portugal. Due to its location, it’s warm all year long in Seville, so it’s a great destination even for winter.

best holiday destinations in Spain

That’s one of the reasons why Seville is special. Another reason is that Seville’s architecture is amazing – you can see a huge palace-castle – Alcazar, impressive cathedrals, palaces, and towers. It even has a canal with gondolas, just like Venice (but 50 times smaller). Seville is bright, colorful, and cheerful.

Also, Seville is the capital of Flamenco, so there are many restaurants and special bars, which offer a ticket for dinner with a chance to see a Flamenco show.

Seville’s absolutely best day is undoubtedly Monday because it’s the day when almost all the attractions in Seville are free or partially free, so it’s useful to keep this tiny fact in mind.

And of course, some of Game of Thrones’ episodes were filmed in Seville too, so it’s another reason to visit this gorgeous city.

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Recommended by Natasha from Meldrums on the Move

Calella is a small town in the south of Costa Brava. It lies only an hour and a simple bus ride from Barcelona city. It is a resort town, really catering to families and couples but it is great for any traveler.

best places to see in Spain

Explore the old town, walk the cobbled streets, and shop until you drop at the local shops.  Enjoy a night away at a Medieval show, visit a Salvador Dali museum or have a blast a Costa Brava’s largest water park. Take some time to explore the beaches in Calella and enjoy a drink at the Blue Bar Beach Club while watching the waves slosh back and forth.

Calella boasts great weather with a fantastic location so close to Barcelona that you can regularly visit the city without paying the Barcelona city accommodation price tag.

Choose between resort hotels, smaller boutiques, and Airbnb to find a place that suits you best.


Recommended by Gearoid from Unlatinoverde

Viva Valencia! In a country of vibrant and historic cities, travelers can easily overlook its charms.

Points of interest, Valencias best attractions

They will miss a destination with more winter sunshine than Seville, a medieval core equal to the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, and a more human size than Madrid.

Valencia is the gift of the Turia river, which due to disastrous flooding in 1957, was diverted around the city. Today, the exposed riverbed offers visitors miles of open green spaces to explore on foot or bike. It’s also home to Santiago Calatrava’s world-famous Cuidad de las Artes y Ciencias. This monument to modernity houses Oceanografic, which many consider Europe’s top aquarium.

However, Valencia is no one-trick pony. Bioparc replaced the city zoo in 2007, and it will delight children of all ages. Here, animals roam freely in habitats such as the savannah and an equatorial rainforest. They have even recreated Madagascar on a small island!

Then, there’s always the beach. With miles of golden sand on the Mediterranean coast, take a long walk in the evening before dining on paella, the local specialty.

Valencia was one of the first places I ever visited in Spain. Now, it’s high on my list for a return visit.


There are so many beautiful places in Spain – from vibrant cities to lovely towns and charming villages…let´s not forget about the beautiful beaches and islands and the mountain areas. There is a lot to do and see in Spain, and I hope this list will help you plan your itinerary. There is something for everyone – and Spain will not disappoint you!

Safe Travels, Arzo


Best Day Trips from Alicante

Best day trips from Alicante _ Valencia And Costa Blanca itinerary, Spain

Easy and Fun Day Tours From Alicante (by Train or Car)

If you are looking for the best day trips from Alicante, this post is for you.

Costa Blanca in Spain is the perfect destination to visit all year round. While the beach is a great place to visit in the summer, fall, and spring, you can take wonderful strolls along the beaches even in the winter – thanks to a mild climate.

But Costa Blanca is so much more than just a great beach destination: Cute towns and villages, a party hotspot, and many activities for people of all ages (even kids) make it a great destination for anyone. 

So, for this region, I recommend making Alicante your base and do some fun and easy day trips from Alicante.

Here are tips for your week in Costa Blanca – how to visit places near Alicante the easy way.Costa Blanca itinerary, the best day trips from Alicante and Valencia

Costa Blanca Travel Tips

But first: some quick travel tips for Costa Blanca.

How to Get to Costa Blanca

If you get to Costa Blanca, you will most likely, fly into Alicante or Valencia.  I flew into Alicante and was very happy to see how easy it is to get to the city center.

  • From the airport to Alicante, it just takes a 20-minute bus ride (around 4€). 

Alicante also has a train station you can arrive at.

  • The train station is right in the center, and from there, you can easily get around.

How to Get Around in Costa Blanca

For day trips from Alicante, there are several ways to get around:


We opted for public transportation in Costa Blanca. Public transportation is actually pretty good – and cheap. The train ticket from Alicante to Valencia was about 40€ round-trip (if we had booked the tickets in advance, we would have had to pay only 32€) per person. 

From Alicante to other destinations, we took the tram – which came with great views. And a ticket from Alicante to Altea, Benidorm, or Villajoysoa cost only a few € (one way).


In a group of three or four, a rental car might be the cheaper option. But there is no need to drive the narrow mountain roads (at parts) and worry about parking.

I was seriously so impressed with the public transportation in Costa Blanca that I would prefer that over driving myself.


There are also some guided tours you can book. I have not found a tour for all activities but tried to add them whenever possible.

Best Time to Visit Costa Blanca

While it might be too cold to spend hours lounging at the beach and swimming in the ocean, Costa Blanca is the perfect destination in the winter. The weather is mild at this time of year and perfect for endless hours of strolling, discovering the towns and cities along the coast (oh yes, Costa Blanca has some charming towns and villages along its shores), and enjoying sightseeing without too many other tourists.

No need to beat your way through the crowds, no overpriced accommodations – these are just a few reasons why I can recommend exploring this lovely Spanish area in the winter.

Costa Blanca in spring and fall is also a good time to visit – warmer weather will allow you to spend more time at the beach and getting your Vitamin D dose. 

Personally, I would avoid the summer months – with the hot dry summer days it might be great for a beach vacation but not so great to explore the area.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I might earn a small commission when you buy a product (at no extra cost for you) after clicking on my link. More about it here.

Where to Stay in Costa Blanca

Thanks to the good public transportation, it is easy to get around from one place to another. It takes some time to get from Alicante to Valencia but day trips are absolutely doable. So, there is no need to change hotels each day.

We stayed in Alicante – most of the places here are closer to Alicante than to Valencia.

  • Alicante Accommodations: We, a friend and me, stayed at the 3-star hotel Maya Alicante. It was a decent choice with a friendly and bright interior. Breakfast choices were good, the quality, however, was not great. But in all, you get good value for your money.
  • Click here to find more hotels in Alicante – for each budget.
  • Valencia Accommodations: Valencia is a great base for your trip to Costa Blanca. The city itself is home to many great sights and attractions, so if you want to base yourself in Valencia, check out hotel rates there.
  • Altea Accommodations: Altea is probably the best place to stay for love birds. Small and tiny and yet so gorgeous – I guess this is the most romantic place on the itinerary. So, click here to find out about hotel rates in Altea.
  • Villajoyosa Accommodations: Villajoyosa is a fun and small place perfect for those seeking to be at the beach within minutes (or even seconds). I suggest this place for those looking for a more relaxed place (also great for families). Click here to find out more about hotels and rates in Villajoyosa.

Best Day Trips from Alicante

Here are my tips for fun day tours from Alicante.


Altea is located in between Alicante and Valencia and is absolutely charming. It is the perfect day trip from Alicante because you can get there even by tram. Plus, most importantly, this town is so unique. Instagrammworthy Altea, Costa BlancaAltea is like the mini version of Santorini – maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but the whitewashed houses and flowers add some Greek charm.Best places to see in Altea, Costa Blanca Altea itself is really small, so you could “finish” the sightseeing part quite quickly.

However, it is so cute that I recommend taking your time to stroll the narrow streets and soak in the views. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a drink at the beach. It will not get much cuter than Altea.  Find more travel tips for Altea.


  • It takes about 1,5 hours to get from Alicante to Altea by train: Start in Alicante: Mercado station – take L1-  and get to Benidorm Intermodal – then take the L9 and get to Altea. The tickets are very cheap and cost only a few €.
  • By car, it takes about 45 minutes (60km).
  • If you like to do a guided tour – Villajoyosa and Altea from Alicante – click here to find out more about prices and times.


The most colorful place in Costa Blanca is Villajoyosa. It is located closer to Alicante – since Altea is quite small you could combine a trip to Villayosa and Altea. I never expected to find such a colorful town here in Costa Blanca – it is my personal little Burano. Villajoyosa what to do in the summer

Villajoyosa in the winter - best things to doBut unlike Burano, it even has a beautiful beach section and a Friends Cafe. So small and tiny it may be, it is worth a day trip from Alicante. Find more travel tips for Villajoyosa here.


  • It takes about 60 minutes to get from Alicante to Villajoyosa by train: Start in Alicante: Mercado station – take L1-  and get off at La Vila Joiosa. Then it is just a 2-minutes walk to the promenade. 
  • By car, it takes about 30 minutes (36km).
  • If you like to do a guided tour – Altea and Villajoyosa from Alicante – click here to find out more about prices and times.


Benidorm did not win me over within the first few minutes. Though I am a city girl, I did not enjoy walking from the train station to the beach area. It was just busy and not charming. So, are you wondering why I am still recommending it for a day trip from Alicante/Valencia?Best day trips from Valencia, Costa Blanca, Spain Benidorm

Best day trips from Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain Benidorm

Well, the town center itself is not fun or amazing – unless you are a party animal – apparently, Benidorm is very well-known for being a party hotspot. But the beach area is charming, and so is the famous Balcón del Mediterráneo – these pretty white steps and balcony are absolutely lovely and charming. You have musicians playing (probably only in good weather) and fantastic views of the ocean.

This is serious Instagram material – pretty, pretty, pretty, and a fun and easy day trip from Alicante.


  • It takes about 70 minutes to get from Alicante to Benidorm by tram: Start in Alicante: Mercado station – take L1 and get to Benidorm Intermodal. It takes about a 10-minutes walk through the city center until you are at the promenade.
  • By car, it takes about 40 minutes (45km).

If you are a fast traveler or start your day early, you could see all three places mentioned above in one day actually.

So, while we visited all the places from Alicante, they can also be done as a day trip from Valencia, since all towns and places are located more or less in between the cities of Alicante and Valencia.


Spain´s third-biggest city is lovely, lively, and fun. If you go on a day trip from Alicante, make sure to start your trip early so that you can maximize your day in Valencia.Points of interest, Valencias best attractions

Valencia , Best itinerary

Arriving at the train station Estació del Nord Valencia (there are two train stations) is already an experience in itself. From there, you can start with exploring the beach section of Valencia and then head towards the museum area – with sights like Valencia Eye along the way (either get there by bus or walk.

Then, head to the pretty old town of Valencia with the stunning old buildings and attractions.

There is a direct train connection from Alicante. Early booking is helpful, and some trains are more expensive (we paid around 20€ one-way). Click here for more Valencia travel tips.


  • It takes about 100-120 minutes to get from Alicante to Valencia by train: Start in Alicante: Termino station and either get to Valencia – Estacio del Nord (the beautiful train station) or Valencia Joaquin Sorolla. Both are in the city center and easily reachable. (prices start from 16€ for a one-way trip)
  • By car, it takes about 2 hours (170km).


I am adding this place even though I was not able to make it there myself. Calp, a coastal town in between Alicante and Valencia, is known for its wonderful beaches. It is quite time-consuming to get to Calp from Alicante by train so it might only be worth it if you are really into beaches or if you have a spare day or if you have a car.

If you like to visit only one or two places, you can easily combine it with a trip to any of the following: Altea, Benidorm, or Villajoyosa. 


  • It takes almost 3 hours to get from Alicante to Benidorm by train: Start in Alicante: Mercado station – take L1 and get to Benidorm – change to L9 and take the train to Calp. 
  • By car, it takes about 50 minutes (65km).


While this is no ordinary Costa Blanca itinerary, it hopefully has helped you curate your time at Costa Blanca. These fun day trips from Alicante are quite easy to take and worth it.

If you visit in the summer – or late spring, or early fall – you can easily add a few days for some dedicated beach time.

Depending on the place you stay, you can decide where you want to enjoy your beach vacation. As mentioned above, there are quite a few beach destinations and even more that weren’t listed (Costa Blanca is just great for that kind of holiday).

Safe Travels, Arzo



Best 5-day Spain itinerary, Arzo Travels


Spain is a beautiful country to visit – from amazing beaches to charming villages and lively cities. There is something for everyone in Spain. But with only 5 days in Spain, it is hard to decide on the best places to visit in Spain. The option of incredible places is endless – so, how can you ever plan a Spain itinerary?

Well, I can tell you that it is challenging. It is challenging to come up with a few places to visit in 5 days in Spain. And while I cannot claim to have seen all of Spain, I am happy to share some tips with you on where to go in Spain in less than a week.

This post covers different five-day Spain itineraries. 

  1. For one, we have the fantastic city of Barcelona. You can spend a few days here and do a few day trips, and you will have a blast. This way, you will see some of the best places in Spain.
  2. Then there is another suggestion on what to see in Spain in 5 days – this one covers the beautiful, beautiful island of Mallorca.
  3. My third suggestion on spending 5 days in the country includes the lovely area of Costa Brava.

So, before sharing my ideal 5-day Spain itinerary, here are some travel tips.


  • Spain has several major airports, and it is easy to fly into Spain. Depending on the chosen itinerary, you can fly into Barcelona, Valencia or Alicante, or Mallorca.
  • If you plan a trip to Barcelona or Costa Blanca (whether you opt for Valencia or Alicante), then you can also easily arrive at the destinations via train.
  • Since all places are located on the coast, you could also get there via boat/ferry, etc., too but that is probably not the main way to arrive. Mallorca is an island – and accessible via ferry (also from Barcelona).


Spain has good public transportation in the main cities/ tourist spots.

You can get around by public transportation easily – avoid yourself the headache of renting a car. 

  • In Barcelona, you might need a car for the day trips. You can also do guided tours from Barcelona.
  • In Costa Blanca, there is no need for a car, and you can just use good the public transportation. Guided tours might be a good alternative as well. 
  • In Mallorca, however, renting a car might be the very best option. Public transportation is not the best, and the island is quite big – so getting around by car is the best solution. If you want to stay in the island’s capital – Palma de Mallorca – you can do a mix of public transportation and guided tours as well.


Spain is one of the most popular countries in the world – and one of the most visited. If you want to avoid the crowds and the heat avoid the summer months. I visited Barcelona in August – and it was not the most pleasant weather. It was just too hot. However, if you plan to spend some lazy days at the beach, then summer might be the best time to visit.

I visited Mallorca and Costa Blanca in the shoulder season and loved it. 

As I always say – you cannot 100% rely on the weather. It might be rainy in the summer months and warm in the winter months. However, I still recommend visiting Spain in spring or fall. 


Since I have three itineraries to choose from, you will find recommendations for your accommodations under each itinerary. 


Barcelona is a fun city in Spain – with tons of activities offered for people of all ages. 


With more than 1,5 million inhabitants, it is the second biggest city in Spain (after Madrid). It is the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region in the northeast of Spain.

It is the city of FC Barcelona (one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world), it is the city of Gaudi. It is a city filled with cafes, restaurants, exciting architecture, lively markets, and squares. It is also a city with a beautiful beach.

Barcelona is a fascinating city itself, and it is also a good base for some day trips. Think about Montserrat, Andorra (a tiny country between France and Spain), or Girona.


No, 5 days in the area of Barcelona is not too much time. I recommend exploring Barcelona in 2 or 3 days, and then plan 2 or 3 day trips from Barcelona.


  • Visit La Sagrada Familia – one of Gaudi´s masterpieces. The work started in the 19th century, and yet the Roman Catholic minor basilica has to be finished.
  • La Rambla is one of the main streets – it is lined with bars and restaurants. This place is bustling and a must-see.
  • FC Barcelona Museum & Camp Nou Stadium is another top attraction in the city. Whether you are a football fan or not, it should be on your itinerary.
  • Stroll Barrio Gotico – the gothic quarter of Barcelona and is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods.
  • Explore Park Guell, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is another work Gaudi and is used as a public park now. 
  • Montjuic Hill is one prominent hill in Barcelona – get up there by cable car or hike up and enjoy the views.
  • Tibidabo is another hill in Barcelona offering great views of the city.
  • Spend time at Barceloneta – the beach area that offers some getaway time in Barcelona.
  • Check out my Barcelona post for more tips.


Here are a few suggestions for day trips from Barcelona.


  • Montserrat is probably the most popular day trip from Barcelona. It is a multi-peaked mountain range with the Benedictine Monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat just about 45 km northwest of Barcelona. And though it is close to Barcelona, plan a whole day because of all the activities you can do there – from visiting the Montserrat Monastery Museum to hiking and more. Montserrat is a great place to add to your Spain itinerary.
  • It is quite easy to get to Montserrat from Barcelona – you could book tours or rent a car to get there or just use public transportation. It takes about 60-90 minutes (one way) and is worth your time.


  • Girona has been a filming location of Games of Thrones – but there are more reasons to visit.
  • Girona is a beautiful city with medieval walls and narrow winding city streets.
  • Visit the Jewish quarter (one of the best-preserved in Europe), walk along the river and explore the lively squares.
  • From Barcelona to Girona takes less than 1 hour by train. So, this is another fantastic day trip from Barcelona to take.


Mallorca (or Majorca in Spanish) is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is about 200 km south of Barcelona, and if you stay longer than five days in Spain, you could combine a trip to Barcelona with a few days in Mallorca.

However, given that Mallorca is only reachable by plane or ferry, it is pretty time-consuming, and I think 5 days for Barcelona and Mallorca is not enough.


Mallorca is the most popular travel destination for Germans. While many Germans go there for partying and drinking alcohol, (or better went as the local government has tried to stop that kind of tourism), Mallorca is actually one of the most stunning islands in Europe.

It has incredible beaches, beautiful towns and villages and much more. 



  • Explore the beautiful coves also known as calas in Mallorca – my favorite was Cala Mondragó.
  • Relax at the beaches – there are many beautiful, beautiful beaches to choose from. One would be Cala Millor, but the options are immense.
  • Do a boat tour – Mallorca, from this perspective, is also stunning, and you can also hop into the water with hardly any people around.
  • Explore the adorable towns and villages on the island. Valldemossa is probably the prettiest, but the others are charming.
  • Visit Palma – Mallorca’s capital home to interesting architecture like the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma.
  • Drive along the coast and the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range. This is the most scenic part of a road trip.

Check out my more detailed post on Mallorca with more travel tips on what to do and more.


Costa Blanca is another popular but still somehow overlooked area in Spain, and perfect to discover in 5 days. 


The Costa Blanca stretches over 200 kilometers along the Mediterranean coastline. This itinerary will take us from Alicante in the south all the way up to Valencia in the north of Costa Blanca. Along this way, there are many beautiful villages and towns – and let’s not forget the beautiful beaches in Costa Blanca.


5 days in Costa Blanca is perfect for those who like combining city life with some colorful and charming villages and beach days.


Though Costa Blanca is quite popular amongst Europeans, I often feel it is underrated by Americans or Asians. I might be wrong! Either way, with five days in Spain and Costa Blanca, I recommend staying one day in Alicante and 1,5 days in Valencia. And then visit the cute, charming villages in between and also plan in a day or so for the beach. 


Also, Costa Blanca usually has mild weather in the winter as well. It probably will not be hot, and sunbathing is perhaps not really the best activity. However, in the winter months, you can stroll the beautiful beaches of Costa Blanca while it is perfect for sunbathing in the summer months.



  • ALICANTE – Visit Santa Barbara Castle, a castle located on Mount Benacantil built in the 9th century. Stroll the Esplanade of Spain. It is made up of 6,600,000 tricolor marble tiles and is probably the most beautiful promenade in Spain. Walk the beach of Alicante and visit the port. Check out my Alicante post for more tips.
  • Here are more tips for day trips from Alicante.
  • VALENCIA – Visit Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences),  a part of a massive complex with various bright and futuristic buildings. In the city center, you have the Plaza de la Virgen is on one side, and the Plaza de la Reina is on the other. Both are lovely and lively plazas that you should visit. See the street art – especially in the El Carmen neighborhood. Check out my Valencia post for more tips.
  • ALTEA – Whitewashed houses, colorful flowers against white walls, and pretty ocean views. Yes, Altea has a touch of Greece in it and is one of the prettiest villages in Costa Blanca. It is small so it does not have many attractions, but is still worth a trip. Check out my Altea post for more tips.
  • VILLAJOYOSA – The most colorful place in Costa Blanca is Villajoyosa. It is a small town with a big beach section. Whether you visit for 1 hour or a full day – Villajoyosa should be on your Spain itinerary. Check out my Villajoyosa post for more tips.
  • BENIDORM – Though the bigger town is not the most exciting place in Costa Blanca, it is a nice stop along the way. The beach area is charming, and so is the famous Balcón del Mediterráneo, where you have musicians playing.


5 days in Spain is not enough to see all the main places. I would not even try to squeeze in all major attractions in five days.

However, it is enough to explore one part of Spain and get an idea of what the country offers. Whether you opt for Mallorca and some island life, the vibrant city of Barcelona and its surrounding, or explore Costa Blanca – the suggestions for 5-day Spain itineraries give you options to see what you personally like the most.

READ MORE: Best places to visit in Spain


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Most Beautiful Places in Barcelona to Visit

Barcelona in 3 days, best things to in Barcelona itinerary


Are you planning your Barcelona itinerary and are wondering about the most beautiful places in Barcelona? This post can help you find out how much you can actually do in Barcelona in 3 days – what is realistic and what is not? Also, you will find travel tips.

Barcelona has it all. Great beaches, awesome bars, stunning architecture, and so many things to do and see. The city is a hive of beauty, activity, and action. 

There is a reason why Barcelona has made it onto so many “favorite cities“ lists (including mine) – actually, there are many reasons. Here you´ll find out why Barcelona is so freaking awesome, which places to see, and what are the best things to do there in three days.

The weather is fantastically warm (okay, sometimes too hot for my taste), making it the perfect place for a getaway to escape the grind. The paved streets and majestic buildings are ideal for getting lost and finding yourself. 

However, arriving in a big city can be a bit daunting, so I have made a list of things to do soon after landing.

P.S. I did not visit Barcelona solo, but with my sister. This is not a solo-female guide to Barcelona, but I would feel comfortable doing all the Barcelona activities by myself.


Also, this is not the typical 3-day itinerary because it was extremely hot at the time of our visit. As it is common in Spain’s summer months, we enjoyed the siesta, which meant we headed back to our hotel during lunchtime and slept.

So, we did not walk around all day (as I normally do), and thus, we were less “efficient.“ On the other hand, we spent more than three days in the city, so I compiled a list of places to visit in three days in Barcelona, even though it is not the typical Barcelona itinerary.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I might earn a small commission when you buy a product (at no extra cost to you) after clicking on my link. More about it here.

Here are some important travel tips for Barcelona.

How to Get Around Barcelona

Walking: We mostly walked. Staying in a central hotel made it easy to get around on foot most of the time. It is easy and safe to walk to many Barcelona sights, as they are close to one another. 

Bike: We rented a bike for a couple of hours, and Barcelona made it easy to explore the city this way. 

We did not cycle around the busiest hot spots, like La Sagrada Family or La Ramblas, but cycling is great for exploring the city.

Public Transportation: We did not use public transportation often, but several of the below-mentioned places of interest in Barcelona are offsite, so using the metro/bus/tram is a good idea. They are cheap (around 2€ for a single ticket), fast, and run frequently.

I normally love using Hop-on and Hop-off buses – I did not use them in Barcelona, though, but I think they are often super helpful if you are short on time and like a good overview of a city. Check out tickets for Hop-on and Hop-off sightseeing buses in Barcelona.

Bike Tours

Barcelona bike tours are a good way to discover this gorgeous city. With the heat, we were challenged, but it was one of the highlights of the Barcelona trip.

There are a few different options. An easy option is one where you glide around the city at a slow pace, taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds Barcelona offers (we mostly calyces around the harbor area).

The more difficult option is to cycle around and up to Montjuic Hill (which I definitely did not do).

Language / People

Nowadays, the political situation dominates the news. Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous region Catalonia, with its own culture and language.

While it is debated whether Catalonia will become independent or not, at the moment, it is part of Spain and the European Union (and has the € as currency).

Spanish and Catalan are the official languages, but we had to use English since we did not speak either of these. Many spoke some basic English, but longer conversations were rare. 

I recommend downloading an offline translating app – just in case.

Safety in Barcelona

Though I did not visit Barcelona as a solo traveler, I would feel comfortable doing all of the mentioned recommendations by myself. 

I am proud to say that I have never been pickpocketed (so far), and though Barcelona is known for pickpockets and theft, you can stay safe when you watch your purse closely and exercise common sense.

Particularly at busy places like La Rambla or in the metro, you need to be super attentive and be more cautious than normal. 

It is all About Gaudi in Barcelona

Barcelona is – almost – all about Gaudi. Gaudi was an important Catalan architect (1852-1926), playing a crucial role in Barcelona. Some of the top tourist attractions in Barcelona were designed by Gaudi.

It doesn’t matter if you visit Barcelona for one day or one week, his work will always be present, so don’t be surprised to hear his name often connected to the city.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which mean I might earn a small commission when you buy a product (at no extra cost for you) after clicking on my link. More about it here.

Where to Stay in Barcelona

As you can imagine, accommodation in Barcelona is not a bargain. However, you find luxury hotels as well as hostels and more budget-friendly places to stay in Barcelona.

Siesta Time

Siesta happens between 1 pm and 4 pm each day. At this time, most shops shut down, so it is a great time to take a well-deserved nap. We visited in summer, so it was quite hot, and we had to take breaks – just because sightseeing in the heat is more taxing. As a person who loves taking naps, this comes in handy, though it might be annoying when visiting a new destination.

But make the best of it and do as the locals do… take a siesta. After all, being a tourist and woman of leisure is hard work.


This is not a typical Barcelona itinerary – however, you can do all the activities and tips in three days. It is a busy but not overly ambitious 3-day itinerary, and you can plan it according to your own travel speed.

La Sagrada Familia

Here we are, starting the first attraction by Gaudi. THE most popular place in Barcelona for visitors is La Sagrada Familia. This is a top Gaudi-designed Roman Catholic church, which is amazing – inside and out.

La Segrada Familia and Barcelona points of interests

The work on the basilica started in 1882, but it is still not finished. This fact might make this building even more special, and once it is finished (probably in 2026), we will finally see how the construction turns out.

The nouveau, gothic art design is definitely something to marvel at – a typical Gaudi, I would say (though I really don’t know that much about architecture and art). 

La Segrada Claudio Testa Unsplash
Claudio Testa @Unsplash

If you want to visit the church, you need to buy tickets in advance to skip the crazy long lines. Have I mentioned that this is the most popular tourist place in Barcelona, with more than three million annual visitors?

During high season, it is even recommended to book tickets weeks in advance. Barcelona is really busy most of the time, so skip-the-line tickets do make a lot of sense…to me! Plan in about 90 minutes for the tour itself.

HOW TO GET THERE: La Segrada Familia is located in the Eixample district of Barcelona on 401 Mallorca street.

You can take the metro (Stop: Sagrada Familia with L2, or L5) or take a bus from different places. Bus 50 from Plaza Catalunya or H10 from Sants railway station.

Las Ramblas 

La Ramblas Street is downright fun.

Where to go in Barcelona solo

The pedestrian street connects the Plaça de Catalunya in the north with Port Vell in the south. The 1,2-kilometer long street is probably the busiest tourist area and is lined with bars and restaurants. La Ramblas is bustling, and there is plenty to see and do. The street performers are perhaps the weirdest and most eclectic in the world, with some going to great lengths to entertain the crowd.

If you need a shopping fix, La Ramblas is the place to get it. But make sure you keep your purse safe. It has had a reputation in the past for pickpockets.

HOW TO GET THERE: There are three metro stations – in the south of the street, midway and in the northern end of the street. Near to Christopher Columbus memorial is the Drassanes metro stop (Green Line, L3)

Just outside the Liceu Theatre, you will find the metro stop Liceu (Green Line, L3).

And you will find the Catalunya metro stop (Green Line, L3) and (Red Line, L1). Here you can also get the Aerobus (express bus service to the airport) and Hop on Hop Off Tourist Buses.

FC Barcelona Museum & Camp Nou Stadium

Ok, I know what some of you might be thinking: Boring. A football stadium is the last place you want to go when visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Barcelona solo travel

But visiting Camp Nou should is one of the most interesting places in Barcelona. I admit that we did not go inside (we are just too broke to spend money on tour), but we made sure to visit at least and look at it from the outside. 

The stadium is actually quite amazing, even if you’re not that big of a football fan (or even a Barca fan). It is one of the biggest (or actually the biggest) stadiums in Europe with a capacity of almost 100,000.

You can also learn about its history in the museum and buy souvenirs. And while I did not do the tour, I went to the souvenir shop. I still have my little Barca pencil case, one of the very few souvenirs I have ever bought. Click here to buy tickets for a Camp Nou stadion tour and avoid standing in line.

HOW TO GET THERE: Camp Nou Football Stadium, Aristides Maillol, 08028 Barcelona. Ideally, you get there by public transportation. Take the metro and get out at the metro stop: Collblanc (Blue Line, L5). You have to do a 10-minute walk to Camp Nou.

Barrio Gotico

Barrio Gotico is the gothic quarter of Barcelona and is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods. You feel like you’re stepping back in time into some old movie.

Barcelona Where to visit_

The cobblestone alleyways and cute eateries really give the feeling that you’re in another era, where time has stopped, and dreams can come true. There are plenty of photo ops while you visit, feeling inspired by your surroundings. Cafes, shops, and beautiful buildings make it a great place to get lost.

Barcelona Catherdral in Span

It is also home to the Barcelona Cathedral, which is another good place to see and the Museu d’Història de Barcelona displaying remains of the Roman city.

Park Guell

Park Guell, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is another Gaudi-designed wonder and is used as a public park nowadays. While it looks unreal, it’s such a great place to spend a sunny day in Barcelona. 

Three-days itinerary Barcelona, Spain

Its quirky architecture and a vast array of gardens are perfect for rejuvenating your heart and soul. Laden with bridges and pathways that you can go over or under, it is a whimsical place to chill and read a book or have a picnic – and the great views of the city should not go unmentioned!

Visiting the park is free, but if you want to enter the Monumental Zone with more great Gaudi pieces, like the Salamada Fountain, you need a ticket, which costs about 8€.

Again: Buy tickets in advance if you like to explore,  and come early (ideally at 8 am), as it is one of the most visited places in Barcelona and the crowds will not stay away. Click here to buy tickets in advance and beat the crowds.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the metro line 3 and get out at either Lesseps stop or Vallcarca stop. You need to walk for about 20 minutes from both stops to the park.

You can also take a bus and get out at Travessera de Dalt (bus lines H6 and D40). From there, you need to walk for about 10 minutes.

Sightseeing buses also stop here.

You could also get here by car but it is highly recommended to book your parking space prior to your arrival.

Montjuic Hill

Montjuic is one of the two prominent hills/mountains in Barcelona and a great place to go. It is 173 meters above sea level, and just slightly higher than any building constructed in the city.

Take the cable car to get to the top of the hill and the castle of Montjuic. These views are worth it! You could also take a regular bus (bus 150), but cable cars are so much more fun. Or you could walk up.

Montjuic Castle is a good starting point for exploring the area. We did not see the pools, but two of them had a view for those who would like to take a dip.

There is also an open-air museum, “Poble Espanyol,“ where you can find out Spanish culture and history. There are worse ways to study history than here! Find the best ticket prices for the Cable car ride up to Montjuic Hill here.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the metro lines 1 or 3 to Plaza España and then either walk up or take a bus to the top. If you want to take the cable car, take the metro line 3 to Parallel station and there change to the cable car (included in the metro ticket) up.


Admittedly, you might not be able to visit both of Barcelona´s mountains in three days. If you skip one attraction or another, you can manage it, though. Of course, you will be rewarded with great panoramic views. There is also an amusement park on the mountain, but unless you are with kids or a sucker for amusement parks, I suggest not spending your valuable time there.

Biel Morro @Unsplash
Biel Morro @Unsplash

Rather, enjoy some great (and free) views from the church on the mountain and see Barcelona above.

HOW TO GET THERE: There are several options to get to Tibidabo. Either hike. Or take the brown metro line (L7) from Placa Catalunya to Avenida Tibidabo. There, change to Tramvia Blau to Plaça Dr Andreu from where the Tibidabo funicular leaves.

Alternatively, you can use the Vallvidrera Funicular. From Placa Catalunya take S1 or S2 to Peu del Funicular, there change to Vallvidrera Funicular and afterwards continue on Bus 111.

Sightseeing buses also stop next to the splendid La Rotonda building at Avenida Tibidabo.


The beach in Barcelona is only a short bus ride from the town center. As far as I can remember, it was one of the very few times we used public transportation. 

Barcelonate in 3 daysIt’s a great place to spend the day and get your tan on. The beaches have beautiful white sand and clear blue water. If you get hungry, there are plenty of places to eat and drink. It’s a great place for people-watching and resting after all those busy days in Barcelona. 

Casa Batllo 

Here is another masterpiece of Gaudi and another UNESCO World Heritage site: Casa Batllo. This weird, awkward-looking building is a must-see – and truly one of a kind. Things to do solo in BarcelonaBuilt at the end of the 19th century, it has become a tourist magnet. Marveling at it from outside is free. If you want to see more of Gaudi´s work and enter the house, and go up to the rooftop terrace, you need to book a ticket (and as you can guess, it is recommended to buy a ticket in advance, so you do not waste your precious time in line). Click here to find out about prices and skip the line tickets. 

More Things to do in Barcelona

Here are a few more ideas for things to do and see in Barcelona (that are still on my own Barcelona bucket list)

How about a day trip frBarcelonaona to Montserrat? Find out more here.

Have you heard about an ice bar? Probably. But there is an ice bar at the beach – in Barcelona. Check out more here.

Have you ever watched a Flamengo show? In Barcelona, you can… Find out more here.

So, as you can see, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities globally, and there are so many fun things to do – for couples, families, friends, and solo (female) travelers. There is never a dull moment.

There are so many amazing places to get lost in and places to go out. I guess that’s why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Safe Travels, Arzo

Epic and Fun Things to Do in Mallorca, Spain


Are you planning your Mallorca trip and wondering about the best things to do in Mallorca, Spain? Then read on – this post is for you.

With more than four million tourists from Germany each year, Mallorca (or in English Majorca) is not a hidden gem to Germans (aka me). However, in most other parts of the world, many people have never heard of Spain’s Balearic Islands.  

Although Mallorca has a bad reputation because of cheap parties and clubbing, there are many other things to see and do. While I visited Mallorca as a solo female traveler I enjoyed a wonderful week without clubbing at all. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I might earn a small commission when you buy a product/service via my link (at no extra cost to you). More about it here.

Essential Travel Tips for Mallorca

Before talking about the best Mallorca activities, here are some essential travel tips for Mallorca.

How to Get to Mallorca

  • Mallorca has its own international airport – Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI).  Many budget airlines and wellknown airlines fly to/from.
  • Alternatively, there is a ferry from Barcelona to Mallorca, but it does take seven to eight hours.  

Where to Stay in Mallorca

Here are some tips for accommodations in Mallorca. Mallorca is well known for all-inclusive hotels, including the one where I stayed:

  • A 4-star hotel called Globales America in Cales de Mallorca (Nice location (far from many other sights but just at the beaches) but bad food).
  • And though it is not as fancy as staying in a medieval castle, I absolutely loved the area. I would book it again if I wanted to relax since it is a bit quieter and quite far from Palma de Mallorca (the capital) or the airport and public transportation is not great.

If I booked another trip to Mallorca, I would probably choose the West Coast of Mallorca this time. But not in the party area of EL-Arenal.

Despite staying in of the All-Inclusive Resorts myself, I do not recommend booking All-Inclusive.

To make the most of your Mallorca trip, it is important to walk around, dine outside, and not be tied to your hotel (although booking all-inclusive often is not much more expensive than just booking a room with breakfast only.)

How to Get Around in Mallorca

Getting around via public transportation or car?

I seriously suggest getting around by car. If you want to get around in Palma, then check out the hop-on and hop-off bus tickets.

  • Another thing to consider when booking your travel is that if you stay in Cales de Mallorca, you will definitely need a rental car to get around and enjoy your trip to the fullest extent. 

Rent a Car in Mallorca:

  • I booked a rental car once I was there and I paid about €35 for the smallest model (a day), which personally I think was quite expensive.  
  • You may also wish to double-check that there is no self-participation in case of accidents in your car hire insurance document. Though it was advertised with no self-participation, my contract said differently and needed to be removed by the salesperson.   
  • There are only very few streets where you have to pay a toll. I drove around avoiding those toll streets (which was not difficult because are not many), and tolls are quite cheap anyhow.
  • Renting a car? Then compare prices and get the best price for your rental car here.

Public Transportation

  • If you want to stay outside of Palma, the capitalpublic transportation can be a little tricky. 
  • Although there is a bus that travels from the East coast to Palma it is not easy to hop on as they only leave a couple of times a day.   

Remember these important tips for your trip to Mallorca, and you’ll be all set to make the most of everything the island has to offer. 

Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler

I visited Mallorca as a solo female traveler and felt safe. Always use your common sense and avoid side streets at night – keep your purse close to your body. I never left my stuff unattended (unless on the boat), and if you are staying at the beach and want to take a swim, bring your towel and stuff close to the water so you can have an eye on it. In general, only take things with you that you will actually need and leave some money at the hotel. Pick-pocketing is not uncommon in Mallorca.

I have to admit that I did not go out at night and avoided the area around El Arenal, but if you are fine to be hit on by drunken men, you can surely visit those areas. These activities I mention here are great to do solo in Mallorca. 

All in all, Mallorca is a great place to visit solo, and I can definitely recommend visiting Majorca as a solo female traveler. While I cannot wait to visit more Spanish islands, like Tenerife, Mallorca has won me over.

How Long to Stay on Mallorca

Mallorca has a lot to offer  – but it is also a great place to relax. While it really depends on what kind of traveler you are, 7-8 days is probably a good time – you will be able to see a lot and have time to chill without getting bored. You could do a 5-day Mallorca trip, but since Mallorca is also about relaxing, I guess 5 days is the minimum amount of days to spend in/on Mallorca.

Best Things to do in Mallorca

Find out about the most fun things to do in Mallorca and some special tips for Mallorca for you.

Explore Many Different “Calas”

The most fun thing to do in Mallorca is to visit the coves, aka “calas”. Mallorca has some of the most beautiful calas in Europe, and you will not believe how crystal clear and colorful the water is! According to the locals I met, the calas on the east coast are the prettiest, where I stayed: Cales de Mallorca.  

I  got to see quite a few as I made visiting calas a priority of my Mallorca trip, and my favorite was the Cala Mondragó which is also situated on the east coastThe Cala Mondragó is located within a national park, Mondragó Natural Park, and can be reached by a car journey and a short walk. There are stunning beaches, so you can easily go from one section to the other, and checking out several calas is one of the top things to do in Mallorca.

The area is busy (understandably), given its beauty and range of restaurants to choose from, but please read on for hidden gems in Mallorca. 

Do a Boat Trip

In my opinion, a must-do activity in Mallorca is a boat cruise. You can either do a speed boat trip or as I did, book a boat tour which shows you around the east coast and takes about half a day.

There are different tours available: This seems pretty much the same tour I did

The great thing about the boat trips is that they have a couple of stops, starting from Calas de Mallorca, or boat tour stopped at Cala Millor, where I had a stopover of about 90 minutesAlso, they have a short stop for half an hour where you can leap into the pristine water, so I definitely recommend it, but if you prefer, you can do a speedboat tour to see Mallorca from the water.  


Relax at the Beach

In addition to Mallorca’s calas, there are also some gorgeous beaches which are, of course, quite popular and crowded. Cala Millor, for example, on the east coast, is a great beach to relax and unwind where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas.  Honestly, all around the coast, you will always find some beaches (though not always sandy and white)

Planning some time for relaxing and chilling at the beach is one of the top things to do in Mallorca.

Stroll Along the Ports

Many cute ports wait for you to be discovered – so add that activity to your Mallorca itinerary. I must honestly say that I prefer the callas and the beaches to the ports – however, the ports are adorableMost of them are nice, and you should see at least one of them, for example, Porto Colom, Porto Cristo, or Port Andratx which is a little bit bigger and on the west coast.  

You can also do a lot of sightseeing there along with visiting restaurants and cafes. Overall, the ports provide a great place to chill and relax and so you have to add them to your Mallorca itinerary.

Get Lost in Beautiful Towns

Mallorca has some incredible towns, and you should visit the most beautiful ones.One of my absolute favorite places in Mallorca was actually Valldemossa, a little town west of Mallorca. Valldemossa is about a twenty-minute drive from Palma de Mallorca into the Tramuntana mountains. It is one of the most famous of Mallorca’s towns and probably one of the most stunning! 

There you can get lost in the little cobblestoned streetshave a coffee, enjoy life, and take in wonderful views of MallorcaIt is extremely picturesque and a mustsee place, but don’t miss out on other places/towns you should see like Sóller – another gorgeous town close to Valldemossa.

Deià is another beautiful town that is so close that you can visit all three places in one day! 

Visit Palma de Mallorca

You should definitely check out Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of Mallorca and located in the west/south of the island. It is a lovely city boasting the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palmacommonly known as LSeuPalma has a delightful little old town featuring interesting architecture, great shopping, and a heavenly beach to watch the sunset from.

I would plan at least a day for discovering Mallorca´s capital, including relaxing time at the beach, and there are many things to do in Palma. I often opt for self-guided tours and get lost (sometimes literally), but if you prefer guided tours, click here.

Flower Hunting

Okay, this might seem weird, but I have a thing for flowers…Seeing colorful flowers in particular and Mallorca was like heaven.

Luckily, you do not have to search for long to find them but will stumble onto them.

Just drive along the scenic roads, and you will see gorgeous little houses with flowers hanging all around.  It is wonderfully quaint and the bright colors against the cobble-stoned houses are really worth taking the time to snap some pictures of

I visited in October and they were still everywhere!

Enjoy Great Views of Mallorca

As Mallorca has mountains, great views come naturally.   While we’re talking about eye candy, one of the best views you will find and that is definitely a point of interest is the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador, close to Felanitx in the eastern part of Mallorca close to Manacor

Here you can either cycle, drive or hike up to the top of the hill, and you will find amazing views. It is definitely worth a visit and somehow a more unique thing to do in Mallorca.

Road Tripping  – Serra de Tramontana

Another must do that I mentioned at the beginning is getting around by car. A road trip is actually more than a necessity. It’s fun! Driving along the coast and the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range, which is almost 90km long and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, is amazing. You do need to be careful, because in Spain people sometimes drive a little carelessly (so do not be surprised to see all the cars having scratches and damages at some point).

The drive along the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is on the west coast, starting closely after Palma de Mallorca and beats out by far, the less scenic areas in central Mallorca.  

Enjoy the Sunsets in Mallorca

Many of the above-mentioned activities in Mallorca are free – and so is this tip: Watch sunsets.No doubt, to end your days, you’ll find yourself enjoying one of Mallorca’s many spectacular sunsets.  I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of them, and they are well worth staying outside for and enjoying.  

Go-Wine Tasting in Mallorca

Another thing to do in Mallorca is to visit a winery to try wine tasting. I am not a wine person, so I skipped it, but it seems very popular.

Admire Caves

Mallorca also offers great opportunities for cycling, foot tours, or even cave visits! The Cuevas del Drach cave is a famous cave located on the east coastnot too far from Cales de Mallorca. You have to purchase your ticket in advance and being spontaneous I, unfortunately, couldn’t do it but apparently it is one of the best and most popular tourist attractions

Curious if Mallorca has made it in the top list of places to visit in Spain? Click here to find out.

I hope you have gotten some inspiration for visiting this gorgeous island and now know about the best things to do in Mallorca – whether you stay 5 days, one week in Mallorca or longer, it surely will not get boring. 

Safe Travels, Arzo


Best Things to Do in Alicante in 1 Day

What to do and see in Alicante in one day, itinerary, Costa Blanca


If you are planning your Alicante trip and want to find out about the best things to do in Alicante in 1 day +, this post is for you.

Alicante is a beautiful city in Costa Blanca – a gorgeous coastal region of the Mediterranean Sea. Located near cities like Valencia and right off the beach, it is a great place to visit at any time of year thanks to its mild climate.

I saw a cheap flight from Bremen (my hometown) to Alicante. Though I had no idea what to expect, I was sure that a getaway to Spain in the winter could not be a bad idea. And what should I say?

Alicante was prettier than expected! And though I visited in the winter months, it was a lovely trip with warmish weather. While summer times are probably great for spending time at the beach, you can also do many activities in the winter.

After booking, my friend decided to join me on the trip, so we spent a few days at Costa Blanca. We stayed in Alicante for the whole time and did a few days trips.What to visit Alicante, Spain

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means. I might earn a small commission when you buy a product (at no extra cost to you) after clicking on my link. More about it here.

Fun Things to do in Alicante

Here are my tips for the best things to do in Alicante (in one day)

If you visit the area, I suggest planning for one day in Alicante. If it is warm and you like to swim, you could plan for more time (2 days are fine or even longer, especially if you visit Spain with kids). I would then do a few day trips from Alicante (more on that later).

Santa Barbara Castle

I suggest starting your morning at Santa Barbara Castle which dates back to the 9th century. Travel highlights in Alicante, SpainThe castle stands on Mount Benacantil (166 meters above sea level) and comes with stunning views! And, hold on… is free to visit. I still cannot believe it (other castles charge money for way less spectacular views).Alicante sightseeing in one day

Most Instagramworthy spots in AlicanteThe castle itself is quite big, and the numerous informative signs give you a good idea about the castle’s history. The castle probably dates back to the 9th century, and like several places in southern Spain, was designed in an Arabian/Islamic style. 

We thought that one hour would be enough, but actually, we ended up staying there much longer. The views and the size (plus the info) made it really interesting.

On the one hand, you have views of the ocean and Alicante´s harbor. You can also overlook the old town of the city and the inland.

Even though we visited during the off-season, it got busier later on in the day, so I suggest getting there early. We actually came here twice. We hiked up one more time in the evening to see Alicante from above in the dark.What to do in Alicante, Costa Blanca

Alicante in one day itineraryThere is a restaurant that serves food and snacks. The castle opens at 10 am (at any time of the year) and is open until 8 pm (in summer, until 10 pm or midnight).

  • How to get there: The best and most scenic view is to hike up. Depending on which path you choose, it will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. You could also get up by lift in front of the Postiguet beach (Av. Juan Bautista Lafora), which is about 3€ per person, or you can drive up there in a car (or a sightseeing bus tour).

El Barrio / Old Town of Alicante

From the castle, you can head to the old town of Alicante. You can get a first good impression from the top of the castle and overview the old town.Best places in Alicante, Spain

Points of interests in Alicante, Spain

Alicante attractions in one day

Beautiful houses line the street, and I enjoyed the street art most of all. If you are looking for restaurants and cafes, you might find a great option here.

This place was recommended as a “top place to visit in Alicante”, but while it is cute and lovely to stroll, skip it if you are short on time.

La Explanada de España / Esplanade of Spain

From the old town, you can walk along the Esplanade of Spain. The Esplanade is made up of 6,600,000 tricolor marble tiles – no wonder it is often considered the most beautiful promenade in Spain! Esplananda in Alicante, Spain

Many restaurants and cafes line the pretty promenade, which runs parallel to the port. 

Parque de Canalejas / Canalejas Park

I recommend walking the Esplanade of Spain all the way until the end. There you will find the Parque de Canalejas.Best things to do in AlicanteThis park is not only one of the most popular parks in Alicante, but with its unique trees, it is also a real attraction (at least it was to me). The centenary ficus trees are high, but their width is incredible. 

From there, I suggest walking back. But this time, not along the Esplanade. Instead, head back along the port.


Stroll along the port until you reach the beach. The Esplanade of Spain is gorgeous, no question about that. But strolling along the port also has its own charm. Some big ships might destroy the views a bit but after all, heading from there towards the beach is lovely.Alicante, Spain best places to visit in one day

Good places to see in Alicante, Spain


Alicante has a lovely beach – and the brave people even swim here in winter. In summer (or even early fall), it must be amazing at the beach.Most beautiful places in Alicante, Spain

While we enjoyed some really nice walks at the beach, we did not dare even put our foot in the water. If you are here between May and September, I can imagine how busy it gets.

In winter, one day in Alicante is enough. In summer, though, I would plan in at least two days and spend a whole day at the beach. Here are more tips for things to do in and near Alicante.

Extra Tip for the Evening

Though Alicante is also known for its nightlife, I am too old for that kind of stuff, so we spent our evenings in the hotel. However, there are many great restaurants and bars.

The city center gets busy, and whether you have your dinner here, in the old town, or at the Esplanade (or at the hotel like we had), there are more than enough choices.

And the best part is that compared to many other popular travel destinations, Alicante is still affordable. It may not be as cheap as some eastern European countries, but has more affordable prices than many other places like Italy, Germany, and of course, Switzerland).

Day Trips From Alicante

Alicante is close to several beautiful places like Valencia or Altea. So, after a day in Alicante, it is time to explore what else the area has to offer.

Here are more day trip ideas from Alicante. This post names some of the best day tours you can take (independently or via tours).Points of interest, Valencias best attractions

Best places to see in Altea, Costa Blanca

Hopefully, this quick guide will help you pick the best activities for one day, and here are a few travel tips for your visit.


Here are a few things to know before visiting Spain.

How to Get to Alicante


  • Alicante has an airport used by a budget airline, making it a popular place to visit.
  • It takes about 10-15 minutes by taxi to get to the city center from the airport. Taxi costs: between 20 and 28€ (after 10 pm, there is an extra fee).
  • There is one bus going to the city center directly, which costs only around 4€. But there is no service in the late evening.


  • Alicante has a train station from which you can walk to the city center.
  • It takes about two hours to get to Alicante from Valencia. From places like Benidorm or Altea, it takes less than one hour (by tram).

How to Get Around Alicante

  • Alicante is quite walkable. We walked many kilometers on foot – along the beach, in the city center, to the tram station, and at Santa Barbara Castle. 
  • There is a tram line (also great to take to other places, like Benidorm) and buses.
  • There is absolutely no need for a car if you follow this Alicante itinerary.

Where to Stay in Alicante

If you stay in Alicante overnight, I recommend staying very close to the Esplanade (beach area) or the city center. Accommodation prices in Alicante are not that high, so I would pay a few extra euros to have the comfort of getting around easily.

There is one 5-star luxury hotel in Alicante, but there are a few nice 4-star hotels.

I normally book via my favorite booking site – because of their great cancellation policy. Luckily, there was no need to cancel the hotel in Valencia, but I like that option as it causes less stress – just in case.

Best Time to Visit Alicante

Alicante is a great summer destination – which the big and sandy beach is perfect for some lazy days at the beach.

However, we visited in winter (late November/December) and enjoyed our trip. It was less crowded, less expensive, and still sunny (though it got windy once in a while). Btw, here is a winter packing list for your trip.

Costa Blanca is a perfect getaway in the winter. Escaping the cold season for a few days is great.

So, while I recommend visiting Alicante at any time of the year, I would probably avoid June-August’s busy summer months.


Alicante is a beautiful city. If you are a beach person, you could have some nice beach vacations here. But even if you aren’t – like me – or you visit in winter, there is are fun activities to do. 

But of course, whenever you visit, I hope this post has inspired you, and you now know about the best things to do in Alicante in 1 day (or longer). Safe Travels, Arzo


Best Things to Do in Valencia in One Day

Valencia in 1 day, best things to do and see in Valencia, Spain


Are you planning your Valencia itinerary and wondering about the best things to do in Valencia in one day? Then you have found the perfect post. Here you will find tips for the best places to visit in 1 day in Valencia  – plus important travel tips for first-time visitors.

Valencia, one of the biggest cities in Spain, is a great place to visit. Located on the southern coast – in Costa Blanca – it offers a beautiful mix of modern and old buildings, palm and orange trees, fun street art, a bustling city center, lovely parks – and beautiful beaches.

Though one day in Valencia might not seem like enough, you really can see quite a lot.

Though I was not smitten within the first 10 minutes, Valencia grew on me after a few hours. And at the end of the day, I realized how gorgeous this city is.

Okay, I might have had a big advantage when I visited Valencia. My German friend, who had once lived in Valencia for six months, was with me on my trip. Of course, she knew how to get around, what to do, and so on.

So, I got to see the best of Valencia in 1 day. And kind as I am, I am sharing my tips with you.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means, I might earn a small commission when you buy a product/service via my link (at no extra cost to you). More about it here.


Before discussing your perfect Valencia itinerary, you´ll find some travel tips for your trip.

Best Time to Visit Valencia For 1 Day

You can visit Valencia at any time of the year. It gets hot in the summer months (hello beaches), and it is warm in spring and fall, and warmish in the winter. You can do most of the below-mentioned activities at any time of the year.

  • If you are looking for a beach vacation, then visiting Valencia during the months of May-September would be the ideal time to visit.
  • I visited Valencia in the winter months. The weather was mild and pleasant and around 9-17°C (48-62°F) during the day. Surely, it was not warm enough to enjoy the beaches and swim in the ocean, but warm enough to stroll the city. Valencia in the winter months is perfect as it is also less crowded – a perfect getaway from the cold in Northern Germany where I am from.

How to Get to Valencia

There are several ways to get to Valencia – most likely you will arrive via plane, train or car. 
Train Station - What to visit in Valencia, Spain

  • BY PLANE: The Valencia Airport (VLC) and is located about 8km from the city center. There are buses, a metro line, and taxis you can use to get to the city center.
  • BY TRAIN: Valencia has several train stations. Most likely, you will arrive at Valencia-Estacio Del Nord. In case you come into Valencia Joaquin Sorolla, walk for about ten minutes to Valencia-Estacio Del Nord station. From there, you can start your self-guided tour. 
  • BY CAR: You can park in a parking lot near the train station, but this is quite expensive. A tip from my friend: you can find free parking lots near the “Valencia Eye.”

Where to Stay in Valencia

If you plan to stay overnight, check out these hotels mentioned below. I did not stay overnight but I would pick a hotel in or near the Old Town.

How to Get Around Valencia For 1 Day

  • There is no need for a car in Valencia.
  • We walked to all the Valencia sights. Yes, after that day, we were quite exhausted, but Valencia is rather compact, and you can see almost everything by just walking. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes to discover Valencia on foot.
  • Public transportation is good. However, you will not need it often following this Valencia itinerary. If you need to catch a bus, it will probably be from the “Valencia Eye” bus stop to the city center.
  • If you prefer hop-on and hop-off sightseeing tours then click here and find out about the prices.

1 Day in Valencia Tour Card

If you plan to use public transportation more often and visit a few attractions, the Valencia Tour Card can help you save money. Whether you stay for 24, 48, or 72 hours. You can check out prices here.


So, let´s talk about the best things to do in one day.

Train Station Valencia-Estacio Del Nord

The train station is charming. It does not look like any other train station I have ever seen before.

It is quite small, and if you head from the platforms to the outside, you will see some interesting architecture. While this is not a highlight, visiting is a good free thing to do in Valencia.

Turia Gardens

If you head to the City of Arts and Sciences, you will most likely stumble upon the Turia Gardens, too. The garden is one of the largest urban parks in Spain. Turia Gardens runs through the city along nine kilometers of green space boasting footpaths, leisure, sports areas, and romantic spots. So, it is the perfect spot for basically anyone.Best places to visit in Valencia, Spain

  • It is a park with a river that does not have a river anymore. Yes. I know. The park used to be a riverbed of the River Turia, and after some severe flooding in the 1950s, the river was diverted, and it became a park.
  • Perfect for nice strolls, exercising, or letting your kids play at the playground.
  • There is no entrance fee, and it is open 24/7.

Valencia best attractions

Cituad de las Artes y las Ciencias – City of Arts and Sciences

The L’Hemisferic, the Eye, is probably the single most famous Valencia attraction. It is located in the City of Arts and Science – at the southern tip of the Turia Garden.

I admit I added it to my Valencia bucket list the minute I saw it on Instagram – and it did not disappoint. The futuristic architecture does not actually go with the rest of the city’s design. However, it is interesting to see.

Points of interest, Valencias best attractions

  • It is part of a huge complex with various bright and futuristic buildings in the City of Arts and Sciences.
  • You can visit the planetarium, a museum, an IMAX cinema, and an aquarium in the area for an entrance fee.
  • On a sunny day, this looks absolutely beautiful. Sun, water, and the bright, light buildings make this place unique.

What to do in Valencia in one day

The Terrara Umbracle is also great to walk through. Make sure also to walk the upper area, as there are some beautiful places there, too.

  • You can stroll the areas and the Terrara Umbracle for free.
  • But if you want to watch a film or get inside, then you will need tickets.

Click here to find out about ticket prices for:

Old Town

One of the most beautiful places to visit in 1 day in Valencia is the old town. It is lovely, with interesting and unique architecture. We strolled the old town for hours, and I was repeatedly surprised by how pretty the buildings are.

Plan in enough time and do not rush through – there are several of lovely squares, avenues, and places that want your attention. Here are some of the places to see in a day in Valencia.

Plaza de La Virgen / Plaza de la Reine

The Plaza de la Virgen the Plaza de la Reine are two lovely squares in close proximity. Both are lovely and lively plazas that you should absolutely visit.

Valencia points of interests
Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia in 1 day

Plaza de la Virgen is a lively and lovely square and home of the Turia Fountain, which represents the Turia River and depicts Neptune. You will also find iconic historic buildings like the entrance to the Valencia Cathedral & outdoor cafes.

Valencia Cathedral

Saint Mary´s Cathedral, also known as Valencia Cathedral, used to be a mosque and is now a Roman Catholic Church. The work on the building began in the 13th century.

It is nestled between the two above-mentioned squares: Plaza de la Reina and the Plaza de la Virgen.Valencia best tourist attractions

  • You can visit the church, but there is an entrance fee of around 7€. We skipped it, though we were tempted to visit because I do not want to pay for a church.
  • Looking at pictures, it seems like a beautiful church with an impressive interior.
  • Also, there is a museum exhibiting up to 90 works of different styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerist. The collection includes pieces by Maella and Goya or panel paintings by Juan de Juanes.

Miguelete Tower

You can enjoy panoramic views of Valencia if you climb the Miguelete Tower which is the Gothic-style bell tower of Valencia Cathedral.

Valencias best attractions
Valencia , Spain 1-day itinerary

  • It stands at 50.85 meters
  • There are 207 steps to get to the top
  • The entrance for the tower is about 2€ per person
  • I love views like these. The climbing might be tedious (as it is narrow), but it was worth it.

El Carmen Street Art

What I really liked in Valencia, but also in Alicante, was the street art. Even if you are in Valencia for only 1 day, you can see some street art. Especially in El Carmen, a charming neighborhood situated in the city’s old quarter, you will find some interesting murals and graffiti.

In the evening, this place got even busier than in the daytime – it is a popular place to end your day.

Central Plaza del Ayuntamiento + Town Hall

You will find this part of the old town behind Plata de la Virgin: Central Plaza del Ayuntamiento.Valencia best places to see in 1 day

The Town Hall of Valencia, the Ayuntamiento de Valencia is located right on the Central Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which is probably my favorite square.

  • You have a fountain in the middle (which is illuminated at night), some greenery, and gorgeous buildings (including the old post office) all around.
  • It was well visited in the daytime and the evening (a bit of light can make a big difference).

Most beautiful places in Valencia_

Torres de Serranos – Serranos Towers

Torre de Serranos is one of the most iconic attractions in the city. Valencia´s city walls back then included a set of walls with 12 gates. The walls have gone, but there are still two gates remaining.Most beautiful places in Valencia, SpainBuilt in the 14th century, the Torres de Serranos was part of the city wall and it was also, at times, used as a prison. Now it is open to the public.

  • You will find it at Plaça dels Furs. 
  • For most of the time, the opening hours are: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and on Sundays and bank holidays from 10 am to 2 pm. We missed it because it closed quite early in winter. It was already closed at 5 or 6 pm – opening hours depend on the daylight. So, in winter, visit here earlier in the day. 
  • The entrance fee is 2 € for adults, free on Sundays and official holidays

Admire the Buildings

Valencia is home to some really impressive buildings that are not typical sights. To my shame, I cannot even remember the addresses of the buildings but I highly suggest to stroll around and look up! Look at these beautiful houses!Most beautiful places to visit in Valencia, Spain

Valencia , Best itinerary

More Places to Visit in Valencia in 1 Day +

All the above-mentioned places make Valencia very charming. While the old town and the City of Arts and Sciences are probably the main tourist attractions in Valencia, there are other places, like the beach, that you could add to your Valencia itinerary.

Then, however, I recommend staying in Valencia for 2 days. Here are a few more tips if you stay longer or want to skip one of the other recommendations from above.

I mostly do self-guided tours whenever I travel. However, if you like to make sure not to miss main spots and receive info, you can check out guided tours.

Silk Exchange

If you stay in Valencia for more than 1 day, you can probably visit these places as well.

La Lonja de la Seda: This building was once used for trading silk. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can visit it for an entrance fee of just 2€.

Central Market

I decided to skip Mercado Central. After visiting the Central Market in Alicante, I figured out that I am not a fan of these markets.

If you are not a vegetarian and do not mind seeing a lot of meat hanging around, this is a place to see in Valencia.Spain, Valencia best things to do, Central

I know it is not only about the meat, and that you can also buy vegetables and fruits. And in the pictures, the Central Market actually looks great, especially if you look at the ceilings.

Valencia Beach

Valencia has some wonderful beaches. If you visit on a sunny day and stay for more than one day in Valencia, then head there from the City of Arts and Sciences and either take a swim or walk along the beach.

If you are short on time, you can skip them, but if you stay for two days in Valencia – or love beaches – it takes about 30 minutes to walk there from the Valencia Eye.


Valencia is beautiful and has quite a lot to offer. You could surely spend much more time there and would still find great places all the time. However, this Valencia itinerary for 1 day helps you find out about the best places to see in a short amount of time. Enjoy your trip!

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Best Things to Do in Altea in One Day – Costa Blanca

Altea best places to visit in Altea, Costa Blanca


Altea is a charming town in Alicante, Spain, that should be on your list when visiting Costa Blanca.

When I booked my trip to Alicante, I had no idea what or where Altea was. But after some research, I found out about this gem, and after seeing the pictures, I immediately added it to my Costa Blanca itinerary. All I can say is that I am so glad that I did.


Altea is a city and municipality located north of Alicante and just around 10 kilometers from Benidorm and Calpe – with about 22,000-inhabitants is a rather small town. Especially the old town – the area we focus on today – feels like a village rather.

Whitewashed houses, colorful flowers against white walls, and pretty ocean views – yes, Altea has a touch of Greece in it.

While the old town, located on a small hill, is tiny and there are not many attractions per se, it is a great place to visit and makes a wonderful day trip from Alicante (or Benidorm).

I will keep this post short and sweet (because there is not too much to talk about). Along with all the images, you will also find out how to get to Altea and what to expect when you are there.

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When to Visit Altea

We visited in November – the streets were mostly empty (apart from a big group of seniors), and the weather was nice. However, I guess the best time to visit is between March -June, and September to early October. Apparently, Altea is overrun by tourists – not even in the summer. So, it is a great place to visit even in high-season.

How to Get to Altea

The best way to get to Altea is by tram.

Altea has a train station, so whether you get to Altea from Benidorm or Alicante, it is the easiest and most convenient transport mode. (A return ticket from Alicante is only about 10€, less from Benidorm.) 

It takes about one hour from Alicante, but the train ride (actually, it is a tram ride) is lovely, with great views of the beaches and towns included.

Once you are out of the tram, you will see the blue dome, so head toward the hills, and you are there. 

Where to Stay in Altea

We did not stay in Altea but Alicante. However, personally, I would have loved staying here. Watching the sunrise in the mornings must be great – also you are close to other places in Costa Blanca – like Benidorm, Alicante or Valencia.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Altea, then check out SH Villa Gadea. It is a luxury accommodation close to the town center. The views look great, and the overall ratings make it look like a great place to stay near/in Altea.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly place in Altea, check out FH Altea Centro Historico. It seems like a wonderful place if you don’t need luxury and need a clean place to stay. Then this could be the place to stay.

Click here for accommodation in Alicante.

Click here for accommodations in Benidorm.

Fun things to do in Altea, Costa Blanca

What to Do in Altea in One Day

What to do in Altea? Where to go and what to see?

While there is no real to-do list, and thus, this is not a typical Altea itinerary, I recommend not rushing through the village.


You could easily overlook many small and narrow streets, so take your time when strolling the area. 

How to get to Altea from Alicante, Costa Blanca

Cutest towns in Costa Blanca

Best places to visit in Altea, Costa Blanca


The market square is also home to the Church of Our Lady of Consolation (this is such a small town, but the church is large and ornate as in much bigger cities).Church in Altea, Costa Blanca

Altea best things to see, Costa Blanca


You will also find restaurants and cafes (which are even open during the slow season).

We were lucky as we had some musicians who played music -behind the market square. Like us, a big tourist group of seniors listened to the music – and some ladies danced Flamingo.

Even though we visited in November, this felt like a busy and fun Mediterranean travel destination.What to see in Altea in Costa Blanca

One day in Altea, Costa Blanca

Instagrammability Altea, Costa Blanca

Altea, points of interest, Costa Blanca

Altea best things to do, Costa Blanca

Altea in Costa Blanca

Instagrammworthy Altea, Costa Blanca

Top places to see in Altea, Costa Blanca


As the old town is located on a hill, there are quite good views that you can enjoy. Mirador de la Plaza de la Iglesia is just one place to enjoy the views.

Itinerary Altea in Costa Blanca

Best viewpoints in Altea, Costa Blanca

Where to go in Altea in Costa Blanca

There are several restaurants and cafes for more great views.


If you walk down and pass the train station, you will also find a little cute beach.

On a warm day, I suggest spending more time here (there are also restaurants and cafes) as you will be “done” within a few hours in Altea.

Altea Beach, Costa Blanca

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Best things to do in Valencia  

Altea is – without question – very unique, but here is another very unique destination at Costs Blanca.

Small but extremely cute – this is Altea, one of the most beautiful places in Costa Blanca.


Best places to visit and see in Altea, Costa Blanca, Spain._

Safe Travels, Arzo

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