What to Do in Macau in 2 Days – Best Places to Visit in Macau

Macau in 2 days.

Macau Itinerary: What to Do in Macau in 2 Days

Planning your Macau itinerary? Then use this 2-day itinareray to find out about the best things to do in Macau in 48 hours.

Macau, officially known as the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is an autonomous territory and located to the west of Hong Kong. The former colony of Portugal has a lot to offer and is a great mix of Asia, Portugal, and Las Vegas.

When I visited Hong Kong, it was clear to me that I had to visit Macau as well – even though I did not know what to expect. But well, sometimes I just jump into a destination without knowing much about it.

It is just a 90 minutes ferry ride from Hong Kong and so I thought, I cannot make any mistakes by going and spoiler alert: I did not regret going.

It is ideal for anyone who likes to see more than Hong Kong – in this post you will find out about the best things to do and see in Macau – whether you have one day or two days in Macau (or even three days). Find out  Macau´s tourists attractions and points of interests in just 1-2 days.

While I give tips which places to visit in one day and which in two days, it is not a typical Macau itinerary as I do not suggest restaurants or how much time to spend exactly in each place – as I know most are, unlike me, meat eaters I had a hard time in Macau.


If you prefer organized day trip tours from Macao to Hong Kong click here to read more.

The islands are connected to each other by three bridges. @shutterstock
The islands are connected to each other by three bridges. @shutterstock

Important Travel Information for Macau

Let´s start with some travel tips first before heading to the itinerary for Macau.

How to Get to Macau From Hong Kong

Macau makes a great day trip from Hong Kong, but not only because Macau offers better deals with accommodation I recommend staying longer than a day.

The most common way to get from Hong Kong to Macau is via a ferry. A trip by ferry from Macau to Hong Kong is about one hour and several ferry companies provide their services.

There are several terminals in Hong Kong as well as in Macau, so when you plan your trip to Macau, you should first check from where you would like to start and where you want to head to.

Getting a ticket from there was one of the craziest things and I felt like at the New York Stock Exchange – it was crazy, loud, and busy and I was sent to several different cashir places since not all accepted credit cards.

And the tickets were sold out, so I had to actually wait quite a while to be able to hop on the ferry. This is nothing for people who do not like crowds or business and for those I recommend buying the ferry tickets in advance.

Macau Ferry Terminal connections between Macau and Hong Kong. @shutterstock

Hong Kong has three ferry stations, whereas in Macau are two main stations.

The China Ferry Station in Kowloon (on the main island) and Hong Kong Station (one on the island) are the main two stations in Hong Kong. There is also another one close to the airport (Sky Pier). Once you have decided from which station you want to depart from, you need to think if you prefer to arrive in Macau Maritime Ferry Station (Old Town) or in Taipa (the part where most casinos are located).

It is actually very easy, pretty fast and cheap to get from one part to the other in Macau. Many big hotels offer free shuttle bus services to and from the station. It depends though, in which part your hotel is – in Taipa or the Old Town. Normally, the hotels offer only the shuttle bus service which is closer to their own hotel.

How to Get to Hong Kong From Macau

I did not book anything in advance and went to Hong Kong station. It felt like being at New York’s Wall Street at the busiest times.

People are running and trying to sell you tickets, sending you from one counter to the next since I wanted to pay with credit card. It seems they were all too busy to answer questions and would just point to another counter. It was actually kind of crazy. Finally, I found a counter which accepted credit card payment and booked a ticket to Taipa.

Not all companies sell tickets to all stations, which was confusing. I booked one ticket with Cotai Water Jet and was told there are only business class tickets left. The price is around twice as expensive as a regular ticket and I paid about €32 for a one hour ride. The ride itself was nice, but I guess the business class tickets are just as fine.

Meanwhile, the station in Macau was not as crazy as the one in Hong Kong. For my return trip back to Macau, I took a ferry from Macau Maritime terminal heading to Hong Kong Station. Although, I would have preferred to go to China Ferry Station, but there had not been any offers. Again, I had to get a business class ticket. This time, I booked with TurboJet and had to pay much more, around €50. I also had to wait for almost 55 minutes before the ferry’s departure.

Though I was told before (and read somewhere) the ferries go every twenty minutes, apparently, it is not always the case. The service on that ferry was not that good as compared to the service at Cotaj Water Jet. The WiFi did not work and the staff was not very friendly, the snacks not so good.

Macau Facts

Population: Almost 650,000,

Language: Mandarin, Portuguese and Cantonese

Currency: Macanese Pataca (paying with Hong Kong $ is no problem, 1:1, the Macanese Pataca is not very welcomed in Hong Kong though)

Taipa is the part with the most casinos and is very Las Vegas-like. On the other hand, the Peninsula is located in the old part of Macau, which is reminiscent of Portugal. Though you´ll also find some major casinos here it is the calmer part with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

How to Get Around in Macau

Macau comprises of two main parts: the Peninsula (Old Town), Taipa/Coloane. The islands are connected to each other by three bridges.

The bus system or public transport is very good. You can just hop on any bus and they speak English well enough to communicate with you. Plus the bus fare is really, really cheap. It’s much cheaper than even Hong Kong or in Dubai. It can also bring you to Macau’s most important parts by bus. It is very easy to take one of the buses which go regularly and is very fast, it costs only around 30 cents to get from one part to the other.

Many hotels also offer free shuttle buses to main attractions, and cabs are quite cheap in Macau as well.

There is also a Macau open-top bus tour for 1 day, where you can get out at 16 stops to explore Macau.

Where to Stay in Macau

Macau offers excellent accommodation for very reasonable prices.

Top hotels with casinos rather rely on their casino than on the actual hotel (like in Las Vegas) so you´ll get great value for money. If you want to indulge yourself in luxury but need to watch your budget Macau might be the perfect choice. 5* hotels offer prices you will never find in Hong Kong, Dubai or many other metropolia.

Luxury Hotels in Macau

If you like to spoil yourself with a great 5* hotel I recommend the 5* hotel Sofitel Macau on Macau Peninsula – staying there was a great choice and I would totally book it again.

There is also the very interesting Venitian Macau Hotel which might be a great choice (since I did not stay overnight, I cannot say too much but I enjoyed my time checking out that gorgeous hotel).

I enjoy luxury hotels but also stay in mid-range or budget hotels. However, since accommodation in Macao is very affordable, I would splurge and go with a luxury hotel.

Do you prefer backpacking? Then read the Macau backpacking guide.

Day 1 in Macau- Best Places to Visit in Macau and Best Things to Do

If you only have one day, then I would use this one-day itinerary to explore Macao.

Things to do in Macau Taipa


Macau is famous for several reasons – gambling is a big part in Macau.

Did you know that Macau is the “real” Las Vegas? No? Then it is good I told you then :). Well, though many parts are copied from Vegas, Macau is actually the biggest gambling place (or paradise?) in the world – so not surprisingly, the casinos are huge and you´ll often find them in hotels.

So, hotel sightseeing should be on your list.

Hotel Venetian Macau
Hotel Venetian Macau @shutterstock

In Taipa, you can find the Venetian Hotel which is one of the best places to visit in Macau, as well as other casino hotels.

The area is like the crazy casino part of Macau. I was to Las Vegas a few years ago and it is pretty much like Vegas, with all the casinos. Actually, it is bigger than Las Vegas and has the biggest casino place in the world, but it is also much quieter (it does not have the party atmosphere and I did not see half naked women on posters all around as I did in Vegas).

The Venetian Hotel in Macau is also bigger than the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Apparently, a visit to the Venetian is one of the highlights in Taipa and it has one of the biggest casinos in Macau. It is also a fun place to just stroll and so I definitely recommend putting a visit on the Macau itinerary.

While I did not do a gondola ride (neither in Las Vegas nor in Venice) I did one in Macau. A lovely lady (I think Alexandra was her name) was the gondolier and she did also sing beautifully.

You can book your own gondola ride here.

If you go to Taipa at night, you will see many other big hotels. Galaxy Hotel was the one that I considered as the biggest and most noticeable at night with all the lights. There are many more casinos and casino-hopping can take easily take a few hours.

Galaxy - Macau
Galaxy – Macau
Galaxy Casino Hotel in Macau @shutterstock
Galaxy Casino Hotel in Macau @shutterstock

Though Macau also tried to copy the Las Vegas strip, I noticed a big difference. It reminded me of Vegas, but I didn’t see the same crazy atmosphere in Macau.

However, there are also, like in Las Vegas, many shows and I have heard awesome feedback on the “The House of Dancing Waters” but I have to say that I did not make it to any show. If you want to get the best deal for the show click here.

It is definitely very nice to spend a couple of hours at the different casinos and just walk around and have a look at what they can offer – though you should not spend all your time at the casinos a short visit is one the best things to see in Macau.

Old Taipa Village

I also definitely recommend a visit of Taipa´s old part: the Old Taipa Village.

It is just 15 minutes walk from Galaxy Hotel to Old Taipa Village. It is a busy place with a lot of restaurants and some smaller shops (and full of tourists). I had dinner at a Portuguese restaurant but since I do not eat any meat or fish, it was not the best choice since the little vegetarian options were not a great choice either.

Macau is known as foodie heaven, but to find vegetarian food is not really easy since the Portuguese, as well as Chinese, kitchen includes a lot of fish and meat. However, the Old Taipa Village is nice and I’m sure there are quite a few other restaurants where you can enjoy good food.

Old Taipa in Macau
Old Taipa in Macau

Old Town 

Okay, my 1-day itinerary is a bit messed up here, as I actually suggest visiting the old town first – heading to the casinos and Taipa Village later that day.

Here are some places you should check out in the Peninsula.

Visit Macau in 2 Days
Visit Macau in 2 Days

Macau is very famous for the casinos and there are a main attraction in Macau, However, it actually has much more to offer. I fell in love with the old town of Macau which reminds me of Portugal, which I had visited the year before (read more about my Portugal experiences here).

Senado Square in Old Town of Macau - @shutterstock
Senado Square in Old Town of Macau – @shutterstock

Though this did not come as a big surprise as Macau used to be a colony of Portugal. I went to Portugal last year and I really liked all the colorful facades, the tiles, and everything. It was really nice. The market place in Macau is very Portugal-like. It also has old temples, and that combination of Europe and Asia makes it a nice place to visit.

The old town is where Macau´s points of interested are bundled: What I really like about Macau, specifically in the old town, is that all the world heritage sites are very close to each other and there are also quite a lot of heritage sites in Macau to visit.

If you take a map, you will notice that there are more than 25 heritage sites and all are located in walking distance from each other. So if you plan a couple of hours to visit the old town of Macau, you can start at Templo de A-Má.

Just walk your way up and through the north up to Fortaleza da Guia. From there, you can see most of the heritage sites and the important locations in Macau. If you have more time to spare, you can also walk further north or to the east where there are a couple more interesting spots to visit.

But I think this way, which is a couple of kilometers, will cover most of Macau’s heritage locations. If you are not much into walking, you can also hop onto a bus for a stop, since the bus system is pretty good.

Old Town of Macau - @shutterstock
Old Town of Macau – @shutterstock
Ruins of Saint Paul in Historic old city center in Macao, China @shutterstock
Ruins of Saint Paul in Historic old city center in Macao, China @shutterstock

Macau in 2 Days – More Things to Do and Visit

Whether you have two full days in Macao or just 1,5 days: Here are a few places to visit in 2 days.

Coloane Macau

Located in the south of Taipa it is home to several attractions, among others a chapel and temples. However, I must admit that I did not have enough time to explore a lot in this area. This is why I definitely recommend staying longer than 24 hours if you want to discover more of Macau and to visit Macau in 2 days.

I also was not able to get on top of the Macau Tower – one of Macau´s main tourist attraction. If I visit Macau again I will definitely put that on my list as well.

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

This is basically what I saw and did in Macau, but there are a few more things I would have loved to do and might be interesting to you as well and which you would like to a dd to your Macau itinerary.

More Activities and Tours in Macau

To be honest, I think, 3 days in Macau is a bit long (unless you want to be pampered in the hotels) but if you want to stay lnger, then you can do a few of these activities).

That’s my Macau overview! You can spend 2 days in Macau and have seen basically everything. Of course, you could also do all this in 1 day, but I think 48 hours in Macau give you more time and mean less stress for you.

Safe Travels, Arzo



Hotel Review: Sofitel Macau

Macau- Sofitel Macau Hotel Review

Hotel Review: Sofitel Macau

Sofitel Macau
Review: Sofitel Macau

Location of Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16

When I visited Macau, I stayed at Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16, which is located in the old part of Macau. Macau consists of three parts which are all connected to each other. While many think about gambling and casinos when thinking of Macau, Macau actually has a very beautiful old town and here is where Sofitel Macau is located. It has a lot of interesting locations and world famous UNESCO world heritage sites.

I traveled to the Sofitel Macau hotel by bus, since I arrived by ferry from Hong Kong on the other island, called the Taipa Island. However, there is a bus that brings you directly in front of the hotel.

Check out the best prices for Sofitel Macau

Reception at Sofitel Macau

The reception is quite busy and has, I assume, also some Chinese influence when it comes to the design. While I was waiting at the reception, a friendly staff member approached me and asked for my name. After I told her my name she told me that I have been upgraded to the Club Lounge.

She then brought me to the 17th floor of Sofitel Macau, which is their Club Lounge. That said floor is dedicated to hotel guests who have this special status. My hotel check-in was conducted there and the staff was extremely friendly and gave an extremely outstanding service.

Sofitel Macau
Sofitel Macau
Sofitel Macau Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16
Sofitel Macau

Handy Phone at Sofitel Macau

There is free Wi-Fi everywhere in the hotel (though, not always the strongest) but there is also an additional service. After completing check-in procedures, the Guest Relations Manager, who coincidently is also German, approached me. He showed me my room and talked a little bit about the amenities.

One of these amenities included the handy mobile, which he also explained to me. I saw handy phones in Hong Kong for the very first time, where better hotels would have a handy mobile but had not used any before. Usually, handy phones have different apps and work as tour guides,  but also has apps like Instagram or Facebook or google maps and other features such as fast internet. It is promised that all the data will be deleted once I check out.

This is very convenient since you won’t have to activate your personal phone’s roaming service. You can also make free phone calls to certain countries (though I cannot remember which countries were on the list here) Of course, the handy mobile would have to be turned in after your hotel stay. Sofitel Macau is actually the first hotel to have this high-tech amenity, which is great.

Sofitel Macau
Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16

Rooms at Sofitel Macau

Once I have settled down into my room, I enjoyed the city view. Though the room was not the most modern, it was pretty nice and from my room’s vantage point, it provided me with an awesome view of China. Also, at Sofitel Macau, if you’re checked in as a Club Lounge member, guests can have some sweets and a bottle of wine in the room.

I then decided to leave my room and since it was around high tea time, the Club Lounge receptionist suggested for me to go the restaurant’s bar to enjoy tea and snacks. There were also all kinds of hot and cold beverages being served, which was awesome.

After my high tea break, the Social Media Manager met with me and she gave me a tour of the awesome Sofitel Macau hotel. Although you might not expect it from how the hotel looked from the outside, it has some really nice features and amenities.

Sofitel Macau
Sofitel Macau
Sofitel Macau - Club Lounge
Sofitel Macau – Club Lounge
Sofitel Macau
Sofitel Macau – Club Lounge

Sofitel Mansion

At Sofitel Macau, some of the rooms are very spacious and can even be considered a mini-mansion. Guests can enjoy having separate areas inside a room which is ideal for big families. It also features a private pool with awesome views. I was seriously impressed by that.

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Spa at Sofitel Macau

After touring the rooms, the hotel’s Social Media Manager then showed me the spa area. I did not include spa treatments as part of my Macau trip itinerary, although I’m totally into spas, so I initially had no plans to visit the hotel’s spa.  However, when I entered the hotel’s spa area, it was so nice. All the staff at the reception were extremely pleasant during my spa tour.

I liked it so much that I spontaneously decided to have a spa treatment for the next day because it looked like the perfect place to relax. There was soothing music being played and it had such a nice ambiance or atmosphere. It was also very pretty and if you don’t enjoy a spa treatment there, I don’t know where you could’ve enjoyed a spa.

So the next day I went to the spa and again the Spa Manager was awesome. Another spa staff gave me a massage after a short consultation, where she asked me about my preference such as what kind of music I enjoy, what kind of oil would I want to use, allergies, and even the aromatherapy treatment that would I want to have.

I was also given some drinks for detoxing during my spa treatment. I also enjoyed the steam room and also used the whirlpool and other amenities. After a certain time, I was picked up for my spa treatment. As a spa lover, I wish the spa could have taken ages and not stopped after one hour. After that beautiful treatment, I got out and enjoyed more detoxifying tea and drinks.

Sofitel Macau- Spa
Sofitel Macau- Spa

Pool at Sofitel Macau

As for Sofitel Macau’s pool area, my visit to Macau happened at the beginning of April when it was already starting to get warmer, but still a little bit too cold to jump into the pool. However, I found the pool very appealing. When I had breakfast, I even used that chance to eat outside at the pool, which was really nice.

Though as a Club Lounge member, there is a restaurant that is special for all the Club Lounge members. Still, I preferred to sit outside and to enjoy a view of the pool. For guests dining in the smaller private restaurants, they would also enjoy the same great food but the view features a look at a river and China. Both views are great, but I spontaneously decided to sit next to the pool during breakfast.

Sofitel Macau
Sofitel Macau

Breakfast at Sofitel Macau

The breakfast was awesome and there are a lot of options for fresh juices and healthy food. You can, of course, order everything. It also featured a chocolate fondue for guests who prefer something sweet. However, I ate so much that I didn’t have any chance to dip any foods into the chocolate fondue. Being a person who is really addicted to chocolates, the chocolate fondue is the best that you can do for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat anymore. All in all, it definitely was a great breakfast and the restaurant had a great service!

The restaurant for Club Lounge members is open for breakfast, as well as for high noon tea and has a cocktail hour. During the cocktail hour between 5:30 to 7:30, there will be snacks and cocktails served. Club Lounge members don’t have to pay for it, although you would need to pay for the tea.

I missed on enjoying the cocktail hour that day because I went out, but when I got back to the hotel at around 10 or 11 o’clock, there were still drinks available. There were a variety of drinks such as hot and cold beverages, as well as some sweets. Again, the staff was very friendly.


If you want to spoil yourself in Hong Kong but you don’t want to pay too much for the hotels, or need some few days off to relax at the pool and enjoy, then Sofitel is a great choice. The hotel also has a casino, like all big hotels in Macau, since gambling is a part of Macau. However, I admit that I didn’t even get to see the casino. But the ambiance of the hotel or the experience is slightly different since it doesn’t have that big casino vibe or feeling. For me, this is great since I’m not interested in casinos.

Meanwhile, I consider checking in as a Club Lounge member at Sofitel Macau a great thing. On my first day stay, I saw a lot of Sofitel and it was the first time that I experienced being part of the hotel’s Club Lounge. It made me fall in love with the system and everything that the hotel can offer.

I definitely recommend staying at Sofitel Macau because it offers great value for money.

Click here to get the best deals and to find out more about Sofitel Macau or read this guide on the best places to stay in Macau.


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