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Best Ways to Keep Travel Safe While Traveling

When I travel, I usually have some tech items that you carry with me (not only because I need them for blogging but also for entertaining and photography). Whether that may be my smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop.

Making sure my tech items stay safe while traveling is imperative and there are some easy ways to my travel gear safe.

Below you will find a variety of useful ways to protect your tech items from theft, loss, and even snooping.


Best Hacks to Keep Your Tech Gear Safe When Traveling

Unprotected Wi-Fi

Your phone that is either stuffed in your purse or pocket contains personal information that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Same goes for a tablet or your laptop, and it can have valuable data that cybercriminals thrive on. If your phone or tablet isn’t protected, it could put you at risk when you travel.

Free Wi-Fi networks are lovely to save on your data usage, but they can also open you up to some dangerous situations.

If it is an unprotected Wi-Fi at the airport, coffee shop, or hotel, skip connecting. It puts you at risk for sharing your location, allows hackers to possibly sync into your laptop or phone and more.

If you use public Wi-Fi networks, consider buying a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This service is excellent for protecting your internet connection by encrypting all the data you send and receive while online. That way no one can hack in and pick up what you are doing or take anything off of your device.

Travelers Insurance

A good travelers insurance policy is beneficial. It will protect you against theft or loss of personal items.

I don’t know about you but laptops aren’t that cheap, neither are phones and I don’t want to have to pay out of pocket if one gets stolen.

Just make sure to find a good policy that covers the amount of a new laptop, phone, tablet, or what other devices you bring.

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Passwords or Fingerprint Lock

Most phones offer a password required or even fingerprint id for unlocking.

Make sure to have a password that is more than 1234, in case your phone gets stolen. As for your laptop or tablet, add in a password as well, just to help protect yourself as much as possible.

Theft Recovery Software

Install theft recovery software on your laptop before you head out on your trip.

You will have a higher chance of recovering your stolen laptop.

This software will help you to locate your computer so local authorities can retrieve it. Look for a theft recovery software that will work even if they erase the data on your operating system.

Detailed Description

For all the tech gadgets you bring write down specifics before you travel.

The make, model, and even serial numbers can help you later on if you have to report a theft. If you have any stickers or scratches, make notes of that as well.

Backup Before

Make sure you run a backup on your computer’s documents and files and store them at home (like on a hard drive).

This will help if your laptop does get stolen or lost, you still have the files you need. Same goes for all those memorable pictures on your phone and laptop. Save copies of them online, hard drives, or however.

That way if your items get lost or stolen, you have your photos still.

Do Not Disturb Sign

When you are staying at a hotel and leave to go eat or run errands, put a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

That way no one will come in and clean or have less of a break in and your tech gadgets getting stolen if you leave them there. Make sure to put them out of eyesight as well if you ever leave the room.

Find My Phone

Make sure before you head out to travel you turn on the find my phone feature that way if you do lose it or possibly gets stolen you can click have a chance to locate it.

Granted if they turn off the find my phone it won’t work, but hopefully, you can find it before they realize you have that feature turned on.

Know The Risks

No matter how hard you try to be safe and prepared, incidents can and will happen. Travel with gear that you are for sure going to use, and leave all other items at home safe.

Just be aware and don’t lose sight of your precious things. 

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Take Only What You Need

Don’t pack a laptop if you don’t plan on using it but once. The less you take, the less chance you have of losing it or it getting stolen. Think hard before you pack all your gadgets. Can you do what you wanted to do on your phone or tablet instead of your laptop? Try to limit what you can.

Hopefully, these quick tips help you staying safe whenever and wherever you travel.

Safe Travels, Arzo

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