19 Tips for More Followers, and Likes on Instagram

Tips to grow your Instagram. How to grow your Instagram. Social Media and Blogging.

Tips to grow your Instagram. How to grow your Instagram. Social Media and Blogging.

When I downloaded the Instagram app more than a year ago, I had no idea how to “use” it. I just did what I wanted to do. But very quickly I’ve learned that there are tips for more real followers, likes and comments on Instagram.

People often ask me how I’ve gotten so many followers within this short period. That’s why I would like to share my experiences with you though it feels a bit awkward for me to talk about “successful” accounts already.

First of all, it is important to me to assure you, that I have never bought any followers or likes. Neither do I use any app to achieve more followers or likes.

You need to keep your followers happy and at the same time, you need to make your account interesting enough to encourage other people to become active and constant followers.

19 tips for more real followers, likes and comments on Instagram.

#1 Use good quality pictures:

Most of us are not professional photographers and many might take pictures with their phone. However, even with your phone, you can take good and bad pictures.

#2 Decide what your account is going to be about.

Is it going to be a travel account, a beauty or fashion account? You can combine all things you are interested about but if it gets too diverse it might scare away followers.

#3 Keep your feed clean

Last time I checked my feed I deleted a lot of pictures. I had, for instance, some black and white photos which didn’t really match with my other, very colorful pictures.

#4 Promote your Instagram account

It helps if you have a blog and there are many online forums where you can draw attention to your account as well.

#5 Most important

Be active! Sounds easy but some Instagrammers hardly like or comment other pics and some don’t even answer questions in the comments. The follower number might (sometimes only via bought followers) grow, but the number of likes and especially comments are usually not high.

It helps if you don’t use your account only for promoting yourself but if you are really interested in other pictures and accounts.

That is apparently a lot of work but looking at it from a professional point of view it is part of your job. If you check out some great (travel) accounts you’ll notice quickly that even the biggest Instagrammers like and comment on other pictures.

However, if I follow accounts and they follow me but never or hardly like any of my pics the chance is given that I unfollow them and rather follow other accounts.

#6 Get the attention of bigger accounts

How? Liking and commenting is one way, tagging them when you post your own pictures is another. Tag only those accounts which match your account: If you are a travel account and post beautiful pictures, tag bigger travel accounts.

I always check out pictures I am tagged in and give at least a like. So tag many other travel Instagrammers (I just tag travel accounts so I am not sure about other accounts). It also increases your chances to be featured!

However, some Instagrammers might not like that and don’t let your pictures show up on their account. You’ll find out about those accounts very fast and you don’t need to tag them.

By tagging I mean tagging the account on the picture and not only in the comments. EDIT: I keep getting tagged of random accounts, that I personally do not have any connections to, some do not even follow me, and some are not even travel related. If you tag, tag wisely but do not make it look like spam, as people will report you as spam which then can hurt your account.

#7 Say thank you

Appreciate the comments of your followers, answer their questions.

Of course, I can’t thank each and everyone who’s commenting, especially not on older posts. But the newest comments will always be commented back and questions will be answered.

Again, somehow it is part of our job and if there are great accounts which I just love but I don’t get an answer to my questions I will most likely stop commenting at all.

#8 Follow other accounts

Some Instagrammers don’t like to follow many accounts.

However, the fewer accounts you follow – the less people will notice you. This doesn’t mean to follow 7500 accounts ( the maximum of accounts you can follow on Instagram).

I actually don’t mind following good accounts and I also follow people who don’t follow me. Also don’t just focus on big accounts, follow all those you like.

#9 Don’t post pictures that aren’t yours

One of the biggest no-go´s is to post pictures of others without giving any credits to the owner. If you have a private account sharing pics with your family it might be okay (well even then it is not really ok) but if your account is not private then it is the biggest no-go.

I definitely unfollow those who pretend to post their own pics though they are not. It isn’t also enough to just write down the name of the owner or to write – not my picture – but you need to give credit the owner.

#10 Think twice about sending DM to someone.

I personally don’t like it when people send DM just to hit on me, or to ask me to vote for them in any contest, etc. Of course, I don’t mind DM from people I “know” or have already a kind of “IG relation”. Most of the time those DM lead to unfollowing.

#11 Also, think carefully about your posts.

As a veggie, I don’t really like seeing dead animals on plates – if I see too many of those pictures I probably unfollow.

The same occurs to people wearing fur. Also, I would unfollow those who post too many religious stuff, have a conservative opinion or defend the citizen’s right to arms for instance.

You see, there are several factors that can lead to unfollow someone and I am aware that not everybody likes my liberal position or my vegetarian lifestyle. Some might unfollow me, and that is okay for me. So think about what you want to stand for and be aware: it is not only the pictures which are crucial and may lead someone to either follow or unfollow you.

#12 Unfollow = unfollow?

Totally okay but don’t write that in your bio – it is totally unappealing. Mostly, I don’t follow those accounts at all or, if I see that later I actually unfollow them.D

#13 Don’t spam

At the beginning, I got all excited and started posting many pictures in a row. Now, I realise this was actually a terrible idea. Spread your pictures through the day and don’t post too many at all.

No matter how excited you are of your own pictures.

Don’t post more than 2 pictures (3max.)  in a row and not more than 5 a day.

Especially if those pictures are similar people might unfollow (unless they are extremely beautiful, but I rather like to have several different pictures in my feed).

#14 Don’t keep posting the same picture over and over again.

There was one Instagrammer with nice pictures.

However, she would post a picture 4-5 times and would delete all of them within a few minutes. When she finally posted the last picture I couldn’t see any difference to the previous ones but it got a kind of annoying, so I unfollowed her.

#16 Being featured is a great thing, I understand that.

However, don’t share your featured picture again. If you do so it might get boring or even annoying to the followers. As pretty as the picture might be, seeing it several times in a row might lead an unfollow.

#17 Follow for follow, like for like? Better not.

If you write something like this you should really do it. If you don’t, you and your account can’t be taken seriously. Personally, I wouldn’t even think that you are being honest. Also, it seems a bit desperate, so I would really refrain from those tags.A

#18 Ask for following under posts? 

Unsexy and desperate. It’s especially funny when I see people that want me to give them a shoutout or ask me for following and support while they never followed me in the first place.

#19  Bloggers – not a big surprise – want to work with companies and promote products, places, services etc.

Apparently, I hope I get there, too. However, think twice about what you advertise. Too many unsuitable ads are the main reason why I unfollow accounts. It is not that I mind advertising.

I totally understand it and that it is an important income for bloggers and Instagram accounts. However, if a travel account constantly promotes a product that doesn’t fit in its feed at all it makes me unfollow.

#19 Use hashtags.

Though I have read several times the advice to use hashtags that are very specific it also means that few people will look for them. So I actually recommend using 30 hashtags that most people are interested in but somehow fit to your feed and pictures.

I have some hashtags I always use, like #arzotravels #travel #love but of course, I adjust some hashtags (saved all hashtags on my phone and just copy and paste it on Instagram and then change them).

These tips might really help you though I must admit that I have been focusing only on Instagram in the 12 months and haven’t been spending much time on other social platforms.

Thus, I had more time to focus on Instagram and if you are also engaged in other platforms it might not grow that fast. However, I hope these tips will help you for getting more real followers, likes, and comments on Instagram as they have worked out for me.

What are your tips and tricks for more real followers on Instagram? What makes you follow or not follow or an account? Feel free to share. If you have more questions please ask them and comment below.

19 Tips for More Followers, and Likes on Instagram

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